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Celebrating Feminine Art




Did you know that women's role as artists and their acknowledgment as such is relatively recent ?

 In the annals of art history, Artemisia Gentileschi stands out as being the first woman to sustain herself through her art in the 17th century... there were none prior to her ! It wasn't until the 19th century that we had more than enough fingers to tally such instances... 

As for prices, not a single woman featured among the top 50 artists commanding the highest sales in 2013…
While there has been a shift in the last five years, the sales achievements of female artists still fall considerably short of their male counterparts. Noteworthy figures at the forefront of this change include Yayoi KusamaCindy ShermanCecily BrownCady Noland, and Jenny Saville, outpacing renowned figures such as Elisabeth Vigée LebrunFrida Khalo, and Niki de Saint Phalle.

It's worth noting that not too long ago, female artists frequently shared having encountered unfavorable, sexist reactions from their male counterparts. In the art world, where competition is fierce, gender biases endure. Despite serving as muses for male artists, women artists continue to strive to gain acceptance.



Why are female artists less expensive ?

 The answer lies in historical norms mirrored in theater, literature, and music ! The arts were traditionally reserved for men due to cultural, religious, and social conventions; women were even kept away from learning to read, studying mathematics, sciences, or even receive any form of education altogether. It wasn’t until they were granted access to education, coupled with evolving mindsets and the changing role of women in society, that they finally made their mark in the art world!


Why have women become more prominent in the elite realm of art?

Initially, it was due to the aforementioned reasons which facilitated their rise.

Auction houses, galleries, and art critics have noticed a shift in the market and have consequently followed and boosted this trend! More recently, for rather "crassly" speculative reasons... The artworks of female artists, while still less expensive, are quickly gaining momentum in terms of value, making them favored investments with significant potential for a payout.
Collectors are increasingly appreciating artworks by female artists, particularly collectors with a focus on heritage or a speculative mindset. They acquire them at lower prices and actively bolster their market value. Yayoi Kusama stands out as a noteworthy example, attaining iconic status with a valuation that has shattered records and surged since becoming part of the LVMH collection. She is prominently showcased as an icon of the Louis Vuitton brand worldwide. Art marketing, you've truly captured our attention!


The annual auction sales revenue for female artists has finally reached a billion ! (Source: Artprice)

  • 2000: 82 million
  • 2007: 377 million
  • 2014: 580 million
  • 2018: 775 million
  • 2021: 1.095 billion


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Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ