Claire Moog
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51 y.o.
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Claire Moog
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My two mediums of choice, painting and linocutting, are related and complementary, allowing shapes to come into being by removing material : to reveal what is hidden, just as we would search within ourselves for a hidden truth.

Claire Moog

Introducing Claire Moog

What a pleasure it was to meet this artist, to speak with her in her workshop, as she presented her artworks, and to discover their essence.


Her paintings captivate your eyes, your emotions, your imagination. Her harmony blossoms in the color schemes she uses; with the strokes she gives them, the colors seem to play with one another. With the horizontal structure common to all her artworks and the vertical thrusts of her strokes, the bottom and the top become interlinked.


Even if your first reaction is to try to fleetingly “see” vegetal motifs or landscapes, Claire’s artworks have that magic, with their aesthetic and poise, that will spellbind you.


Spellbound by the artist’s pictorial approach. Not because of the effect she wishes to create in her artworks but because of the effect their creation has on the artist. She is not looking to depict, even in abstract, but her work is guided by taste, love, colors and the gestures needed to associate them all.

Painting is a moment of pleasure, perhaps even carnal, obtained through a certain process where color is core:

- Choosing the harmony of colors; starting off on canvas upon which she instinctively creates the structure and the relationship between top and bottom.

- Overlapping the colors in layers and undercoats.

- Then operating on it with a painter’s knife, or other flexible metal objects, with a precise and instinctive gesture to create lines, curves and verticality.

- Thereupon, the colors mingle, undercoats appear, magic happens, the artworks awaken.


Moments of pleasure the artist admits is hard to break away from. The result being aesthetic, poetic, attractive and lively artworks. This artist’s work of art is her capacity to create this equilibrium, with gestures guided by her instinct and delight for colors.


And this pleasure is contagious for her artworks shed light into a room, opening up to color hungrily layered on by the artist, inviting us to bite into it. Don’t you have a hankering for one of her artworks ?



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