Laetitia Lesaffre
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51 y.o.
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Laetitia Lesaffre
Photography, Painting
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300 € to 3 900 €
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The texture and blur of a painting bring intimacy to the subject matter. Photographs are become impressionistic, leaving out strokes to keep only the essence of the matter.

Laetitia Lesaffre

Introducing Laetitia Lesaffre

There are artworks that speak for themselves and do not need decrypting. Their emotional magic is so powerful that we do not wish to have the secret revealed, in order to preserve the charm.


Laetitia Lesaffre’s artworks belong in this category. Each of them hides a secret, in the technic used, especially when you know she doesn’t edit any of her photos; no touch-ups or props between the lens and the subject matter; no filters, no glass…nothing. It is a matter of reflection, but we can’t tell you more…


The timeless poetry of her artworks, in between reality and dream, shadows and light, will touch your most intimate sensibility and phantasmagoric imagination. “Alternating composition and spontaneity, meditation and immediate action, I look to capture that moment where the subject matter outruns the image, leaving you to interpret the body, the portrait, the very essence of the subject.” The result are these photographs filled with bewitching and enigmatic Beauty.

I insist on the fact that the photographs are never edited. Laetitia’s artworks dissolve the boundary between paintings and photography, with a “rendered effect” alluding to the colors of Caravaggism and the chiaroscuro of the Great Masters of paintings, which she masters to perfection.


Laetitia’s proximity with painting resides, in the technic she uses to create the magic that comes about the blurriness of her pictures. Blurriness which also appeared in her first trials as…a painter.

“The texture and blur of a painting bring intimacy to the subject matter. My photographs become impressionistic, they leave out the strokes to keep only the essence of the matter.”


Finally, if the mirror’s reflection is the object’s introspected essence, Laetitia preserves and reveals the strengths or weaknesses of her models and their Being, by offering her models the freedom of movement and poses during the photo sessions. This participates to the aesthetic and emotional intensity of her artworks. Allowing the models to evolve in front of her lens, she awaits to capture the moment when their thoughts start to run freely, to wander, between light and darkness. “The image the models offer will never really belong to them : triggered by the wandering of their thoughts and distorted by this particular reflection, the picture that remains is a precise sketch, an impression.”

Laetitia has been exposing her photographs only since the last few years. Her work is so PRECISE and BEAUTIFUL that, already, collectors and galleries have been gravitating around her. We are all the more proud to have her in our MASTER selection.


There is no doubt concerning her potential and her growing reputation. There has even been talk about a permanent exhibition in a Foundation...but shhhhh…you can’t say we didn’t tell you…hurry up and purchase now !


And by the way, amongst her photographs, there are several oil paintings, handcrafted by Laetitia, upon which we fell while recently visiting her workshop…exclusively at Art Traffik!


…And, we hope there will be more !




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