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Laetitia Lesaffre
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"The grain and blur elements in my photography serve to restore the subject's intimacy. My images relinquish the confines of precise lines, opting instead to capture only the essential essence of the character."

Laetitia Lesaffre

Introducing Laetitia Lesaffre


There are works for which one doesn't necessarily want their "decryption," as they suffice on their own, and their emotional magic is so strong that one does not wish to reveal their secrets. Like a magic trick where knowing the "trick" breaks the charm.

Laetitia Lesaffre's art belongs to this category. As a painter and photographer based in Paris, she unfolds a fascinating artistic approach that transcends the boundaries between painting and photography. And there's a hidden secret within her artworks, concealed in her technique, particularly astonishing when you discover that they are entirely created without any editing. No filters or glass…absolutely nothing. The magic lies in their nature as reflections, but we won't divulge any further details.

Her work revolves around capturing moments of introspection and self-contemplation, aiming to abolish the boundaries between the two.

Laetitia Lesaffre’s Biography

Her Artistic Journey

Laetitia Lesaffre's path to art began in her teens, a time when her love for painting began to flourish. Drawing and art classes at school were revelatory. It was there that she discovered works that captivated her imagination, prompting her to start drawing. The dream of attending fine arts school was ingrained in her, but her parents, concerned about her financial future, insisted she pursue a more conventional path.

However, her love for art was unwavering. For a decade, she worked in advertising agencies, setting aside her artistic desire. After ten years, she felt the urgency to end this duality. It was time to follow her heart and fully dedicate herself to her art. She started with illustrating children's books, a stepping stone towards realizing her dream while ensuring financial stability. Laetitia even wrote and illustrated two impactful children's books: "Je veux un zizi" and "Barbivore." Gradually, she succeeded in making a living from her paintings, eventually deciding to conclude her work in illustrating children's books.

Her Style, Her Works 

Laetitia Lesaffre's Art? 

That of portraiture, where each of her artworks is the result of a play of light through which the model's reflection, on a lacquered panel (created by Laetitia using the ancestral method of great Asian masters), is photographed. Revealing the timeless soul and poetry of Man : woman, man, child...

In her work, the concept of time is important. Time is sometimes suspended, like an image emerging from a dream, and one cannot recall the place or era to which it belongs. The extended time of lacquer work encourages meditation, while the spontaneity of the shot calls for immediate action. She seeks to capture that moment when the subject escapes its image.


Her Style: Capturing Essence through Reflection 

The unique way Laetitia approaches her art goes beyond the usual rules that define painting and photography. The effects she uses recall Caravaggio and bring an intimate texture to her works. By focusing on the reflection, she expresses the introspective essence of her subjects, skillfully preserving and revealing their qualities or weaknesses. The moments she captures illustrate thoughts floating freely between light and darkness, creating impressions altered by reflections and the intertwining of thoughts.

Captivating Works with Sociological Dimensions 

Lesaffre's captivating works, such as "Kintsugi, reflections of women," invite onlookers to meditate on hidden secrets. Beyond the beauty of the works and the approach, the symbolism is quite powerful for Kintsugi is the art of resilience. By highlighting scars with gold, gathering and reassembling scattered pieces, the art of Kintsugi paradoxically makes broken objects more beautiful, stronger, and more precious. A beautiful metaphor that Laetitia explores by associating her creative process with this art.

"I wanted to create this series after discovering the art of Kintsugi during my research on lacquerig techniques. Its symbolism struck me when I realized the extent of the #MeToo movement and the strength of women who were speaking out. By emphasizing their lines of flaws through Kintsugi, I ultimately elevate their lines of strength."

Laetitia Lesaffre & Art Traffik

Since Laetitia unveiled her works to the world, she has attracted collectors and galleries with the pure beauty and integrity of her work. And we are extremely proud to have her in our selection, in the Certified Master category. In addition to her photographic repertoire, Lesaffre surprised us with original oil paintings which showcase the versatility of her talent, available exclusively at Art Traffik.

Laetitia Lesaffre remains an artist in constant evolution, exploring new creations, techniques, and forms of expression. Her insatiable appetite for experimentation, between kintsugi, pictorial research, and printing techniques, testifies to her commitment to artistic innovation.

Undoubtedly, her immense potential and the rapid ascent of her acclaim leave no room for skepticism. Hushed rumors even suggest the possibility of a permanent exhibition within a Foundation's walls. But hush, take this as a friendly tip— you better act fast!




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