Art Traffik and its artists are joining forces for the benefit of “Ecoles du Monde”




Ten artists from our selection have donated artworks for an upcoming Artcurial auction whose profits will go to Charles Gassot’s NGO.

 Treat yourself to Art and give your support to Ecoles du Monde ! 

Ecoles du Monde was founded by Charles Gassot 25 years ago to “bring renewed hope, access to education and work, prospects of a better future to the forsaken populations of Madagascar.” Thanks to Charles’ efforts and the funds he has been able to raise, a total of 15 schools have since been built.

In addition to educating 2,500 students each year, these schools have contributed in settling down neighboring populations hence diminishing the desertification of rural areas. With over 400,000 trees planted and 250 wells built around the schools, life has returned to the villages and deters the inhabitants from flocking towards big cities. Today, Charles Gassot and Ecoles du Monde can commend themselves for the 100% sedentarization rate they have achieved in the villages around the schools.

But Charles wants to take his actions further : « our goal today is to build a vocational school in the bushlands, to make it a place for learning, researching and cultivating; a place open to the world.”

To fund this project, Charles Gassot has decided to organize an auction in favor of Ecoles du Monde, together with Artcurial for the second time. To that end, he called upon his artist friends and galleries (including yours truly, Art Traffik) to gather artworks to be donated for the auction.

Of course, when Charles called, Art Traffik eargerly accepted and contacted its artists.

Result of which ten of our artists are in the Artcurial auction catalogue, alongside 81 other artists such as Invader, Richard Orlinski, Enki Bilal and Jean-Paul Goude, just to name a few…

A heartfelt thank you to Etienne BoiteuxNicolas EresCarne GriffithsPierre JalbySandrine JarrossonAnthony LambertMagdalena LamriJean-Francois LarrieuLaetitia Lesaffre and Virginie Mezan de Malartic for the artworks they generously donated for this special occasion. 


Auction sale : Wednesday November 17th at 6pm (GMT+1)

Preview opening : Saturday November 13th from 5-7pm (GMT+1)

Open to the public : November 12th,13th and 15th from 11am-6pm (GMT+1)



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Article published by LJ Art Traffik