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43 y.o.
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My body is to my lens as what a vase is to a painter, clay to a sculptor, a pencil to an illustrator.


Introducing Takala

We fell in love with this photographer, upon discovering the series “Théâtre du couple” and “Les caprices de Madame Bovary”. Her work moved us, not only because of its premeditated esthetics, but especially due to her humane vision and her fight for freedom in every shape and form.


Whether it be in her portraits, her nude photographs of which she is not only the author but also the model, each of her artworks are an invitation to freedom of Being and freedom of thought.


« By day, I am “Jane Doe”, 33 years old, history professor in a small rural secondary school nestled in the Lot Valley. A black hussar of the Republic whose mission is to change the world. By night, I am « Takala », photographer, plastic artist and model, who fell into the magic potion of a photographic tureen. Both day and night, I am the same woman : a freedom activist.”

Takala uses the art of self-portraits without narcissism, for she is the “subject” of her photographs. Each of her stage productions and themes explored in her series, reveal her beauty, like the paroxysm of femininity emanating from her sensitivity (and her personality).


Aside from her technic, her series are a story, a tale or a message, always advocating Peace, serenity, a universal quest.


In such, Takala never ceases to surprise us during the course of her creations, perpetually challenging herself, looking to go beyond the alchemy between Beauty and Significance. Her latest series, combines photography and writing, for she also knows how to hold a pen…


Takala has obtained prizes at renowned photography competitions. This is an artist who will shortly join Art Traffik’s Certified Master selection.



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