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Marina Hirlea
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Nature permeates within us, within the one who contemplates it. While by definition it is constantly renewed, introducing with each occurrence a new shift, a new difference, a new strangeness that solicits us. Painting accomplishes what nature is incapable of achieving : conveying the impression of its renewal, that moment that is no longer, the second right after. It calls upon me and urges me, the witness, to convey that fleeting moment.

Marina Hirlea

Introducing Marina Hirlea

Landscapes have always been a source of inspiration throughout the centuries, artistic movements, and in art schools. Time and time again, artists have portrayed, with more or less the style of realism, abstraction even, elements of nature, landscapes and horizons, based on the emotions they felt. Whether it be plains, mountains, oceans, forests, or fields, landscapes are subjects that fascinate as much as they are, in themselves, an exercise in style in both the technical and artistic sense of the word.
Like Paul Cézanne, who incessantly painted and never ceased to paint Montagne Sainte-Victoire (a mountain near Aix-en-Provence) in an attempt to reproduce the beauty of a fleeting moment of sunlight. Because the "magic" of a landscape lies in an instant, that moment when you admire it, as well as the state of mind with which you contemplate it and the emotions it sparks. It's about "capturing" a moment, an instant (which is inherently ephemeral), as well as the emotion it evokes.
What creates the uniqueness of an artist, of an artwork, is precisely its capacity to move us, to pull us in, to take us on a journey, a crack through which we can escape, and to share that moment and the emotions it evokes. In painting, as well as in photography, landscapes are inherently about contemplation.

And, I must admit that Marina Hirlea's artworks simply stopped me dead in my tracks as I was wandering through the aisles of a contemporary art fair, an interlude that allowed me to shut out the commotion that was around me until I eventually "snapped” out of it. It was love at first sight. I felt the urge to meet Marina and suggest to her that she should join our selection. It was about the subject, her landscapes, as you may have guessed, but above all, skylines...the horizontality. But I will come back that later...


Marina's journey? Marina is one of those many artists who have always painted and drawn for as long as they can remember but were told to pursue studies and get a "real" job. Born in Bucharest, Romania, she began studying architecture there (as it well suited her family's wishes), but had to abandon her studies because of the political unrest at the time. Her family sought political asylum, first in Sweden, then Switzerland, and finally in France, when she was 25 years old. During those years and throughout her various relocations, she resumed her studies in architecture in Lausanne, then joined the Faculty of Fine Arts and took drawing classes at the “Superior Decorative Arts School” in Strasbourg.

Upon obtaining her degree, she continued to paint and draw, but only when she had her free time allowed it. As a wife and mother, life and its material necessities led her to take on a job in accounting, which she kept for 12 years... then in 2018, she decided to go back to painting with the firm intention of “finding” herself, and of making a living from it.

She immersed herself in her creative process and participated in several art exhibitions to confront her artworks to the public and the "art market". She confides : "Without pretence, I must admit that I often felt out of place among the other booths... amidst Mickey Mouse, superheroes, vibrant colors, street art, and Orlinsky-inspired sculptures". She often felt satisfaction, however, from having sold almost everything during the fair. Moreover, she realized that her buyers were knowledgeable art enthusiasts and collectors who admitted having found a “breath of fresh artistic air” in her booth, upon discovering Art instead of  decorative pieces. I can fully relate to this sentiment because it's exactly what I felt myself.

That's why I am even more delighted to introduce her and represent her, even though she is still at the beginning of her career, but with a highly developed artistic maturity. There is no doubt that Art Traffik will not be the sole gallery to exhibit her work for much longer, and we wish her all the success in that regard! But, let's get back to her artworks, her universe... her talent.

Marina is an artist who constantly explores and is guided by her desires, ideas, inspirations, as well as the emotions she feels when creating her artworks. One artwork calls upon the next. Her intention : to explore the many interpretations of the emotions kindled by nature and its contemplation. However, she quickly found herself focusing on nature and landscapes in all their aspects, honing in on the horizon line, the horizontality which has become her dearest, if not obsessive, subject of choice. "I can’t explain why, but the horizontality inspires and questions me, as if it beckons me." Is this the fruit of her architectural knowledge, or the reason she was drawn to architecture in the first place? Nonetheless, horizontality has become a part of her artistic identity. Horizontality she accentuates by using only part of the "canvas" in these perfectly proportioned rectangles, which open a window into the landscapes she offers for contemplation. In so doing, she makes them precious.

As precious as are Marina Hirlea's technique and her devotion to creating. Whether in her collages, her paintings, or when she combines the two, Marina's gesture is as precise as her quest for perfection is intense. Whichever the technique used, which characterizes her series, Marina exploits it for the benefit of the emotion she seeks to reflect, share and convey.

Marina Hirléa works in "series". Each one is the expression of an idea, a desire, a different way of "portraying" landscapes and horizons. An idea, a desire, that she first perfects before exploring its many possibilities and variations. She shapes her works using paint or fabrics of haute-couture designers she is so fond of (another recollection of her penchant for architecture and interior design). "While the technical process is predefined for each series, the moment of creating each artwork is spontaneous and just as equally natural. The moment of creation is based on emotion, not reflection.”
This approach yields outcomes that embody an uncommon and valuable beauty, exhibiting fragility and tenderness that epitomize both the artist and her creations: modesty, sensibility, and an understated elegance, along with a contemporary touch. For while her works are universal and timeless in their subject matter, their architectural elements, composition and color palette also make them contemporary.

 This dichotomy makes them captivating, and powerful in the way that they can hypnotize and pull us in. As you can see, Marina Hirléa is an artist to be followed closely. Not only to keep an eye on her evolution and variations in her work, but also to follow her career path that is sure to lead to international acclaim.

We are very pleased to introduce her to you and let you discover her universe, just as we are equally delighted and honored to represent her !


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