Marina Hirléa and Benoît André... A Double Whammy!




Today, I’d like to talk to you about two artists: Marina Hirléa and Benoît André... Certainly, they are two artists with distinct styles, techniques, subjects, and personalities... Nevertheless, they share some common threads, leading me to write this article about the connection I have with them, their history with Art Traffik, and their involvement in the "Art Market." And I'm delighted to have them as part of our selection, and I'll explain why...

To start, I met them and discovered their artworks at the same contemporary art fair in Toulouse, where each of them had their own exhibition booth. While Art Traffik was primarily there to showcase Virginie Mezan de Malartic’s artworks, we also seized the opportunity to do some “talent scouting”, wandering through the aisles of the fair, in search of new talents.

I was struck once again by a surge of admiration as I explored their respective booths. Naturally, they each had their unique "territory" and artistic style. However, amid all that I had witnessed at this exhibition, Marina and Benoît unequivocally stood out. Their booths weren't overcrowded; instead, they exuded a consistent style, a seamless cohesion in the worlds portrayed in their creations, a distinct artistic identity, an abundance of sensitivity, and a genuine streak of originality. In stark contrast, the overall exhibition, with only a few exceptions like Marina and Benoît, left me with a sense of ennui due to its predictability. Consequently, these are two artists who drew the attention of art connoisseurs, those possessing a discerning eye, inviting them to pause, enter, and share the same sentiment as myself—a contemplation of artworks that transcended mere "decorative purpose"...


Another point they have in common : it was their first time presenting their artworks in an art fair. Don’t be mistaken, they weren't newcomers to the art world, but this marked their initial foray into the experience of presenting their creative endeavors in an exhibition alongside fellow artists. And to do so, they invested their own resources to exhibit their artworks, exemplifying their courage as artists.

Furthermore, both of these individuals are artists I would characterize as being artistically advanced, yet still somewhat under the radar, without the acknowledgment of galleries. Nevertheless, Marina Hirléa and Benoît André undeniably belong in the art scene, given their artistic maturity. In summary, these are two artists who deserve recognition and stand to benefit from being discovered and recognized...

You know, art is an emotional encounter between you and an artwork, possibly several. However, when you're a "gallerist," it becomes more than that—it’s a genuine human connection. This is especially true at Art Traffik !

Certainly, as our selection hinges on the authenticity of artists in their creative process, and their artworks serve as a reflection of their innermost selves—their soul, their heart, their essence—our experiences have consistently shown that when we are moved by their work, we are inevitably touched by the artists as individuals. This holds particularly true for emerging artists, those who are not yet widely renowned. And at Art Traffik, we hold a deep appreciation for such talents. We take even greater joy in welcoming them into our selection, introducing them to you, and elevating their artistry to the recognition they truly deserve.



In the case of Marina Hirléa and Benoît André, they stand as exemplary cases, and we wish them the same trajectory as other artists in our selection! May they garner recognition from galleries, achieve international acclaim, and find their place in distinguished private and even institutional collections!

Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ