Isabelle Lebret
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Isabelle Lebret
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I aspire to transcend mere aesthetics in order to emphasize the emotional dimension.

Isabelle Lebret

Introducing Isabelle Lebret


Isabelle Lebret is a painter introduced to us by Grégory Poussier, a sculptor from our selection. It's not surprising that Poussier, for whom the body is an object of emotion and narration, was moved by Isabelle Lebret's works. Both of them share the artistic quest to sublime the body, offering it through their unique perspectives. There is no hesitation for us as we explore the works of Isabelle Lebret, whose talent is expressed through this monochromatic blue. She skillfully works with it, putting it at the service of compositions, postures, and plays of light, causing our gaze to wander as much as our sensitivity is touched.



Biography of Isabelle Lebret

A Creative Heritage

Isabelle Lebret inherited a passion for art as if it were in her DNA. Born to a mother who was a painter, she not only learned the basics of drawing but, more importantly, developed a profound appreciation for art. Spending time in her mother's studio brought joy, and the family's vacations were enriched with visits to museums and exhibitions. From a very young age, when asked about her future aspirations, Isabelle always had the same answer : "I want to draw and be a painter, just like my Mom." Drawing has been a constant part of her life for as long as she can remember.

Transitioning from Art Enthusiast to Committed Professional

While Isabelle has a passion for drawing, she acknowledges that her early works lacked creativity. She felt a desire for artistic expression bubbling within but struggled to bring it to the surface. Eventually, Isabelle opted for a scientific path and enrolled in an art conservation and restoration school, turning her love for art into a dedicated profession. Despite the shift, her career still provides the joy of working with masterpieces and the privilege of contemplating them in her studio.


The Artistic Turning Point for Isabelle Lebret

Isabelle Lebret's artistic journey took a meaningful turn in the 2000s when she found a new source of inspiration in Toulouse, particularly after the birth of her children. While continuing to draw, paint, and create commissioned portraits, she attended workshops with local painters, including one focused on live models, and explored clay modeling. This period marked the beginning of her quest to express her unique inspiration, leading her to work persistently in search of her artistic identity. It was during this time that her "blue bodies" emerged as a central theme, which she has been exploring and enhancing ever since, shaping her distinctive style.

isabelle LEBRET

Exhibition and Artistic Evolution

In 2017, Isabelle reached a significant milestone by showcasing her initial "blue" artworks at an art fair. The artworks resonated with the audience, earning admiration and approval. This positive response encouraged Isabelle to continue her individual creative journey. Through various exhibitions in galleries and art fairs, she solidified her identity as an artist, all while maintaining her career as a conservator.



Isabelle Lebret: Her Artistic Style, Her Creations

A Distinctive Artistic Approach

Isabelle Lebret has a unique way of creating art that stands out. Her background in modeling has influenced her preference for the curves of the human body over angles and straight lines. She explores the body's contours like a landscape, aiming to present it in a fresh and distinctive way. Two key features define Isabelle's work:

  • She uses monochromes, particularly deep blue shades, to intricately work with shading, play with light and dark, and highlight landscapes.
  • Her careful selection of models, their poses, and the framing of her subjects go beyond a simple portrayal of the body. Instead, she focuses on capturing the essence and creating a sense of mystery.

Her choice of vibrant deep blue color comes from rejecting black and white for being too stern. The shadows created by this hue give her work a mysterious feel, achieved after numerous attempts to find the right balance for the desired emotional and aesthetic impact. Isabelle challenges conventional norms in her portraits of men, portraying a "gentle masculinity, intertwined with fragility and a hint of vulnerability." Her goal is to go beyond mere aesthetic representation and magnify the emotional essence of the human form. The framing of her subjects sometimes blurs the line between body and landscape. Isabelle's artistic expression revolves around her affection for deep blue, as she continually explores and seeks balance. Her fervent desire is to approach the human subject in an innovative and captivating manner, pushing the boundaries of traditional representation.


Isabelle Lebret's Artistic Technique

Isabelle Lebret begins by observing how people express themselves through their movements and emotions. From these observations, she forms mental images that inspire her. To capture these images accurately, she takes carefully lit photographs of models, capturing expressive moments. These photos serve as the basis for her artworks. Next, Isabelle meticulously sketches the details of her subjects, adding her personal touch. Paying close attention to framing and manipulating light and shadows is crucial at this stage. It helps her translate the photographic images onto the canvas, bringing out her artistic interpretation. When it comes to creating her oil paintings, Isabelle follows a detailed process. She uses a blending technique with layers of paint, creating what she calls "the geography of the body." This method allows her to explore the interplay of shadows and lights, bringing vitality and realism to her paintings and infusing them with emotional depth.

Diverse Artistic Expression

Isabelle Lebret's paintings offer a glimpse into a variety of subjects, each told with great sensitivity and precision. She goes beyond the usual artistic boundaries by exploring diversity in her portfolio, creating a visual conversation among its different elements. Her work goes beyond cultural and social norms, reminding us of the richness that surrounds us. On her canvases, timeless symbols of love, like couples, come to life. She also ventures into the animal kingdom, capturing the wild beauty of creatures. Isabelle even delves into mythological beings like centaurs, combining the human and animal worlds to transcend reality. Through these depictions, she encourages us to reconsider our connection to others and the balance between the tangible and the imaginary.

Expressing Emotions

At the heart of Isabelle Lebret's art is a focus on conveying a positive message. Her work celebrates beauty, tenderness, love, and introspection, rejecting any sense of submission. It encourages viewers to look beyond surface appearances, revealing an alternative beauty—the beauty of being.


Isabelle Lebret and Art Traffik

We're excited to introduce Isabelle Lebret, an emerging artist who captivates with her genuine and emotionally rich artworks. It's not just about aesthetics; it's her authenticity and emotional depth that drew our attention. Her dedication to art, combined with exceptional technique, makes her a promising artist to watch. Immerse yourself in the authenticity, humanity, and pure emotion of Isabelle Lebret, a talented artist we're proud to feature in our selection. Explore her creative world, let your sensitivity unfold, and be prepared for surprises as she continues to exceed expectations.



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