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Having a colored vision of the world doesn’t stem from an excess of naivety; it’s rather an ongoing battle !


Introducing Enilorac


Enilorac is about colors and an « alphabet » of codes, signs, shapes…but, above all else, colors, colors, colors…with all the joy and cheerfulness, and positive mindset, which the artist seeks to convey through her artworks.


You won’t be surprised to learn that her desire to paint, her desire of colors have always been omnipresent yet ENILORAC made her “ coming out” upon her return from a trip to sub-Saharan Africa. While vacationing with her family in Senegal, Caroline (her pseudonym is her first name spelled backwards) was captivated by the many colors of the local craftmanship and art, along with the shimmering boubou gowns with their interlaced patterns.


This was the “trigger” and the origin of her singular artworks.

Upon returning home, her first artworks came to be. And, instead of using a mounted canvas, she preferred using recycled metal plates, and have become her media of choice;


she enjoys the feel of her brushes against the metal and the idea of using something recycled. Media that her husband would find and prep for her, and would finalize for hanging purposes (and still does).


But, if her hunger to paint comes from an impetus, her artworks are just as thought out and prepared as the meticulous lines that compose them, without ever smearing.


Each artwork is the fruit of an ongoing quest to associate colors, on the one hand, with the shapes, codes, and symbols, on the other. Research compiled in her sketchbooks which she keeps in a safe place, very much like an herbarium of species she classifies and whose contents she studies and is constantly enriching. Herbarium she consults before composing an artwork that she first draws out on paper; researching the choice of colors and their association with the shapes and signs that will compose the artwork.

Only after this methodic and meticulous research is complete does she move on to creating the artwork on its definitive media. Only the size of the artwork is predetermined, as to allow her husband the time to find and prep the corresponding metal plate.


Nevertheless, depending on her mood, her desires, her inspiration and ideas, she may still evolve during the creative process, and, in the end, she is hardly ever faithful to her preparatory sketch.


The final outcome also depends on her husband and her son, for they both partake in the creative process, from the first sketches to the final artwork; every finalized artwork is subject to “family council” for validation.

The end result is a very recognizable style on the fringes of African Art (original inspiration which remains present to this day), Art Tembé and “naive” art. Beyond the colors, symbols, her “alphabet” and strokes, her choice of assembling and composing windows, squares, rectangles, each with its symbol, disposed alongside one another like pieces of a puzzle, also make Enilorac’s artworks identifiable.


Comic book enthusiasts will surely see a narrative aspect in her artworks since the layout is quite similar. Could there be a hidden narration behind her arrangement of codes and symbols ? Indeed, this is the “ultimate touch” of Enilorac’s artworks : beyond their aesthetics, they leave room for interpretation, and for which one may create his/her “Rosetta Stone” in order to decipher the meaning.


Since entering Art Traffik’s “Certified” selection, galleries have started taking a close interest in Enilorac’s artworks, and, for Art Traffik, it is without any doubt that Enilorac will earn her patent of nobility and the acknowledgement she deserves. In the meantime, Art Traffik is pleased to let you discover her artworks. So, indulge yourself, for her prices are still affordable; ideal for first-time buyers !



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