SOLO SHOW - October 2023 - ⛔ SHOW'S OVER ⛔




The Solo Shows : an immersive experience into the world of our artists and their work


What is a "Solo Show"?

Because we love to share and introduce to you the artists of our selection, we wanted to offer you a more immersive experience.
That’s why each month, we'll be showcasing 2 or 3 of our artists via viewing rooms entirely dedicated to them.
Dive into their realm and their distinctive style – an optimal approach to fully embracing an artist's creations - all in one location.

How can you be informed of our monthly program ?

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Which artists in October ?

For this second edition, the spotlights are on Enilorac and Chris.  


Enilorac is about colors and an « alphabet » of codes, signs, shapes…but, above all else, colors, colors, colors…with all the joy and cheerfulness, and positive mindset, which the artist seeks to convey through her artworks.

Artist : CHRIS

Meeting Chris was both a human and an artistic encounter. She has a sweet personality (even down to her voice), is humble (in the words she speaks), but is also bubbly (as her childlike eyes). Her artworks ? Intense, powerful yet poetically delicate…Since she is one of those artists capable of mesmerizing you while speaking of her work, I will give her the floor. Here is what she has to say about her career path and her artworks.


What are the advantages of a Solo Show?

A true immersion into the artist's universe, you will be able to anchor yourself in their realm and fully discover their artworks.

The Solo Show supplements our showroom , which itself can be visited virtually 24/7, thanks to its virtual tour , as if you were really there ! 

The Solo Show, as a viewing room, is a virtual space dedicated to the artist, accessible from any digital device (smartphone, computer, smartTV ...). It will allow you to :
- Zoom in on the artwork
- Turn around the artwork 
- Check the size and measurements of the artwork
- Consult the materials used 
- Buy the artwork

Discover the artworks by Enilorac and Chris in our gallery in Anglet and on our website !

Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ