Muriel Napoli
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55 y.o.
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Muriel Napoli
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My painting is a quest, an attempt to connect things and people to naturality, to the World and the Universe. Reminding that nature’s beauty, and that of the universe, began and evolved, independently of actions taken by Man.

Muriel Napoli

Introducing Muriel Napoli

Muriel NAPOLI ? At first glance, it’s about aesthetics of great intensity, initially abstract which, at times, borders with figurative. However, if you take the time to look beyond, within the depths of your inner self, let loose and listen to your feelings, you’ll discover a world of emotions, a universal and timeless journey of naturality in the purest and truest sense of the word…only then do the magic and depth of Muriel’s artworks kick into action.


I’ll explain, as to allow you to feel this journey suggested by Muriel…


The universe, the World, nature, from the infinitely big to the infinitely small, are made of matter and energy that dart about and evolve continuously, on a temporal and dimensional scale, that goes well beyond the human scale. From the creation of the World and the Universe to the birth of a flower, the rising of mountains and formation of oceans; well before the presence of Man and well after His disappearance; according to a certain order and set of rules we often do not grasp and that exceed our comprehension…

At a time when human superficiality is profuse, in which forthwith prevails over time, Muriel longs for that universe, that world…for that moving and evolving nature, that matter and energy in their purest forms. To taste and feed off them, and to preserve our awareness of their magic and beauty. “What is reflected in my paintings is nature’s ability to transform itself, irrespectively of Man’s actions, from its primitive beginnings to the present. The formation of oceans, the origins of water on earth, sedimentation, fires, magma, the formation of coal, planets, accretion, geological phenomena…I eliminate all that Man has added to the world, all that He has transformed, which is artificial.”


The intention of Muriel Napoli’s artworks is to reconnect us with naturality, in its purest expression, through emotions…


Abstract was the obvious choice that would allow the journey, the sensitivity and the evasion she wished to offer; an intimacy between the artwork and the onlooker; everyone can project THEIR vision, making it their own…whether a depiction of flowers, landscapes, eruptions or volcanic explosions, ocean depths…


The white background brings that purity and simplicity, enhancing, by contrast, the complexity of the shapes that stems from Muriel’s technic; Shades of shadow and light and transparency creating volume, landforms, matter.

And, as refined her artworks may be, the complexity of the shapes is nonetheless surprising…for which Muriel has her own technic…and whose secret lies in her preparation, a recipe she keeps to herself, based on ink and matter that she pours on the immaculately white canvas. She then manipulates the canvas to allow the matter to drip and run. The liquid slides, more or less thick, creating a gradient, and the matter, carried by the liquid, settles and petrifies; the result is shadows and light, matter, landforms, magic…


Of course, there is a random component which is intuitive, but it must be noted that Muriel continues to progress. With the help of a mastered technic (in her gestures and her recipe of the texture she uses), her artworks are becoming more and more intense, complex and powerful; her toying with light and shadows becoming more refined. And, in recent years, color has made its entrance…bringing more light to her artworks, even though black and its gradations dominate.

Always more demanding of herself and the fruit of her creative process, Muriel is constantly evolving, taking us further into the journey she offers, into the intensity and exactness of naturality, inciting us to reconnect to the world, to Beauty, a soothing contemplation…well beyond the simple aesthetics of her artworks…


Now that we have provided you with certain keys to the “deciphering” of her artworks, we can only wish you…a beautiful journey within Muriel Napoli’s universe.



Jean Miotte Caspart David friedrich Le Caravage


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