Sabine Danzé
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Age :
56 y.o.
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Sabine Danzé
Artist’s prices ranging from
5 000 € to 18 000 €
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I need to dance in order to paint !

Sabine Danzé

Introducing Sabine Danzé

Sabine Danzé, is what I call a « slap in the face ». You know, the kind that makes you stop dead in your tracks in front a painting, that’s how much it hits you. The strength, the reflection, the questioning, the goose bumps…a “shoot up!” as she often likes to say. An overdose of artistic poignance and emotion; we are all humanly fragile when faced with her artworks. Whether we like them or not, her portraits captivate us…


Although she explores other themes, Sabine Danze dedicates her talent and her art to painting these faces which speak to us, which beguile us. At times, they are the faces of people she has met or of her entourage, whether close or distant; all chosen for the same reasons: their intensity, their aura, all princely, from Sabine’s qualitative viewpoint. In this case, it is beyond her control, a compulsion; she needs to paint. But, in most instances, they are anonymous portraits, emerging on canvas from within the depths of her soul. With a wide spectrum of styles, coatings, even for a watchful eye capable of recognizing the DNA in all her “series”, which goes beyond the digital imprint Sabine uses to sign her artworks.



Nevertheless, there is a first common denominator in her portraits, in regards to her subject matter: the mouth. As long as Sabine isn’t completely satisfied with the outcome, the artwork isn’t be completed. And she will come back to it over several days, weeks, and for certain paintings…over several months. The mouth is the culminating point of Sabine’s paintings, even if the eyes, their stare are also distinctive elements extremely present in her artworks.


The second common denominator is in her technic: the stroke…to understand it fully and feel its essence would be to watch Sabine paint. Then, you would discover the dexterity, the strength, the impulse. For seeing the artist at work is like watching a choreography between Sabine and her canvasses or like watching a fencing battle. With headphones on, she “battles” the canvas, mainly with her hands and fingers (she rarely uses a paintbrush), arms fully extended just like a fencer, to the sounds that inspire her, carefully chosen as part of her playlist and to which she dances simultaneously as she paints…making her live performances captivating, an exercise she occasionally puts herself through.


That is something Art Traffik also loves about Sabine, she is an unconventional artist, guided by her Love of painting and perpetually questioning her work, to go, and I quote « always higher, always stronger ». Sabine is of those artists for whom painting is vital…to not paint would be source of frustration.


Exposed in galleries around the world, followed closely and sought out by savvy collectors, Sabine is a rising star in our selection…to not be missed!




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