Sabine Danzé
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56 y.o.
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Sabine Danzé
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"Music triggers my creativity... it stimulates my mind. I need to dance to paint!"

Sabine Danzé

Introducing Sabine Danzé


Sabine Danzé is nothing short of a visual revelation – a striking force that demands your attention, a “slap in the face”. Her artwork has the power to bring you to a standstill, prompting deep contemplation, evoking questions, and sending shivers down your spine. It's a "shoot up!" as she likes to say – an artistic overdose of strength and emotion that leaves us all vulnerably human in its presence. Regardless of one’s personal preferences, her portraits possess an undeniable magnetic quality. Discovering and contemplating Sabine Danzé's paintings is an experience that transcends admiration; it's an encounter with a master, in every sense of the word. Her talent is undeniable, and her international track record of years of painting and exhibitions solidifies her position in the artistic realm.

Biography of Sabine Danzé 

Painting: A Question of Survival

Sabine Danzé keeps her childhood, journey, and what inspired her to paint a secret. This is because she believes that details about these aspects are not needed to understand what Art, being an Artist, and being a Painter mean to her. Her preference for privacy comes from a mix of modesty, discretion, and a liking for keeping things mysterious. "One does not become an Artist, one is. On the other hand, one does ‘become’ a Painter with a capital letter, because it's just a matter of work, more work…always work."

I'll keep Sabine's “pre-Sabine Danzé, Painter” experiences under wraps. At most, I'll share that her career kicked off with promise as a designer, but soon, painting and art evolved from a mere passion to a vital lifeline. It's not just a passion for her; it's a reason for living. This makes painting an absolute necessity for her survival.


Prompt Recognition

Sabine Danzé swiftly caught the attention of galleries, collectors, and art enthusiasts, rapidly establishing herself as a "professional" sustaining her livelihood through her art. In no time, her paintings gained international acclaim. Despite this rapid success, Sabine remains a discerning artist, meticulously selecting representatives based on her specific criteria. Trust and loyalty are crucial, but paramount is a deep appreciation for her artwork and an understanding of her artistic approach and vision. Above all, a profound respect for her artistic freedom is essential. This is why I am exceptionally proud and delighted to be her representative. Moreover, my admiration for Sabine's work began long before founding Art Traffik, preceding our professional collaboration and even our first encounter.



Styles, Works of Sabine Danzé

Her Artistic Universe

Navigating through the realms of artistry, Sabine Danzé delves into a diverse range of themes, yet her primary focus remains the captivating portrayal of faces that challenge and enthrall. Whether inspired by individuals within her inner circle or encounters along her journey, or from her imagination, she paints her subjects for their profound intensity and regal aura, a quality she aptly terms as "princely." Driven by an irresistible compulsion, Sabine channels her artistic prowess into capturing these faces on canvas. Beyond the recognizable fingerprint she leaves on her artworks, Sabine's anonymous portraits emerge from the depths of her soul, showcasing an impressive array of styles and techniques that echo her unique artistic DNA.


An essential common thread running through these portraits is the meticulous attention given to the mouth—a pivotal element that dictates the completion of Sabine's work. Until she achieves satisfaction with this crucial feature, the artistic process remains ongoing, extending over days, weeks, and even months for certain paintings. While the mouth takes center stage in Sabine's canvases, the eyes and gaze contribute distinctive nuances to her creations. Beyond the portraits, delve into her series and observe a unique alphabet that Sabine employs as her artistic signature—a captivating interplay of the signature red line and the circles that form the foundation of her more abstract work.




Sabine Danzé's Stroke

Sabine's distinctive talent lies in her captivating "stroke" – the initial step of her artistic process. Using a pencil with mesmerizing dexterity, particularly evident in live performances, she compares her interaction with the canvas to a fencing duel. This defining stroke, deliberately left visible in the finished painting, serves as the embodiment of the soul and being, with a particular emphasis on the mouth and eyes. Even when venturing into abstract territories, her strokes explode in a burst of creativity, fueled further by carefully selected music that consistently accompanies her artistic endeavors.



Sabine Danzé's Technique

Don't expect to find traditional paintbrushes in Sabine's studio; she rarely uses them. Sabine craves direct connection between herself and the canvas to infuse it with the energy, love, and selflessness her art requires. Sometimes, even the physical suffering she endures becomes an integral part of her work. Beginning with a pencil that breathes life into the soul of her artworks, she then moves on to oils, applied by hand or cloth, but never with a paintbrush. Depending on the series, she introduces ink for its expressive drips or, at times, spray paint for its captivating textures and effects. Sabine manipulates all these mediums with remarkable finesse, her gestures akin to a dancer or a warrior. Regardless of the artistic battlefield, Sabine Danzé emerges from her studio both physically and emotionally drained, having poured every ounce of being onto her canvas.

Sabine Danzé's Large Formats

Sabine's art is a fusion of skill, spontaneity, and vigor—a unique expression that embodies her essence. Every stroke on the canvas is infused with her DNA, a relentless outpouring until she reaches the point of exhaustion. This is why Sabine chooses large formats for her creations, providing unrestricted freedom to her gestures and amplifying the impact of this creative, emotional intensity that fuels her work. The result is an amplified force behind each stroke, a powerful, visual "slap in the face" because of its size.


Sabine Danzé & Art Traffik

Experience the artistic brilliance of Sabine Danzé, a Painter who pays profound homage to masters like Caravaggio, transcending mere creation. Her work showcases a mastery of drawing and painting techniques, ensuring fidelity to raw emotion and artistic intent on canvas. This goes beyond aesthetics, immersing viewers in the enigmatic allure of her pieces. Indifference is impossible; her art emanates power, and we take immense pride in featuring her in our Master Certified category. Explore Sabine's series for a journey that unveils a deeper understanding and connection to her unique artistic language.

For art enthusiasts and discerning collectors, Sabine Danzé is the quintessential Painter to follow!



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