Biarritz - a wall brings forth live performances and art : Art Traffik likes to pave the way !




The Art Traffik team, as you may have gathered, thrives on challenges, doing things differently, uniting artists and art enthusiasts, and, in essence... SHARING & INNOVATING…at the service of artists and art enthusiasts. We aim for more than merely being another player in the global online art sales arena; we seek deeper connections, increased interactions, a more "human" touch. That's why, in addition to, we also have a 250m2 showroom that’s open to the public all year round.

Therefore, when we relocated our headquarters to the Basque Country, specifically Anglet, we wanted to make its presence and benefits known to the public of the BAB (Bayonne-Anglet-Biarritz) and its surrounding region.

Then the concept dawned on us : organizing live street art performances, but with artists who had never previously engaged in urban murals, unlike the conventional approach taken with street artists. This presented an excellent opportunity to observe the artists in action, considering that, under usual circumstances, the only means to witness the birth of their artworks is by gaining access to their studios. The challenge at hand was finding the perfect spot for this endeavor...

And that’s when we laid eyes on THIS particular wall—situated right in the heart of Biarritz, adjacent to the fresh marketplace. This former storefront had its windows sealed, resulting in the formation of... 4 large frames! How was it conceivable that no one had noticed them ?! It was perfect ! We did some research, got in touch with the owner, presented the project to him, and sought permission from the City Hall... Admittedly, it wasn't devoid of challenges, but we persevered...

On July 6, 2018, we set up the installation announcing the event... unveiling the 4 distinct "frames." By July 12th, the artists had taken place and began creating their artworks, right on the street, engaging in two days of live performances which led to encounters interactions with the public. The inaugural session showcased the talents of Sandra Chérès and Patrice Palacio! The following month, it was the turn of Sabine Danzé and Poulpykiss, and in September, Jean-François Larrieu and Yannick Fournié took center stage. 

Each session adhered to a consistent formula: two artists, two days dedicated to live painting in the heart of Biarritz, followed by an exhibition at the showroom featuring the collective works of both artists, providing an opportunity to "see more" and delve deeper into their artistic realms. We then repeated this process the following month, with two different artists, initiating fresh live painting sessions and organizing a subsequent showroom exhibition. (Videos of the live paintings can be found below.)

We often have the PRIVILEGE of gaining access to artists' studios, where we witness the creation of their artworks, observe them in action, and engage in conversations with them. This initiative allowed us to share this sense of joy and provided the public a chance to meet the artists, allowed the artists to interact with the public. Some people would stand there for hours, returning regularly to witness the evolution of the artworks. It was captivating... Not to mention the pleasure that was felt from being able to encounter art right in the heart of the city, accessible to everyone. This truly embodies the core of Art Traffik !

And this is how this wall suddenly "emerged" and piqued the interest of many, given its ideal location and configuration. Initially, we had conceived it as a one-time operation, perhaps an annual event, rather than a permanent endeavor. However, the wall seemed to call for a continuous presence!

We are, therefore, immensely delighted (and filled with pride) to see this wall transformed into a lasting haven for artistic expression. It has been embraced by the "le MUR" association, providing artists with the opportunity for self-expression and presentation, while also allowing the public to partake in the experience of live paintings and art in the heart of Biarritz.  

And who knows... We might just do it again in another location, paving the way, once again, for a new “artistic” spot?! 



Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ