Jean-François Larrieu
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Jean-François Larrieu
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Beauty is everywhere around us. We must worship it in order to preserve it.

Jean-François Larrieu

Introducing Jean-François Larrieu


Jean-Francois Larrieu embodies the essence of an artist exploring the tapestry of life in its universal scope. His artworks mirror the intricate composition of the cosmos, akin to the amalgamation of elements, symbols, and patterns found in the chaos that births both order and life itself.


Jean-François Larrieu, a French artist with ties to the Basque Country, was born in Tarbes, France, on February 28th, 1960. Joining the François Villon painting academy at the age of 11, he gained early recognition in 1972 by receiving the namesake prize. His move to Paris in 1982 marked a pivotal moment in his artistic journey, propelling him to prominence in the art scene. From participating in independent salons during the '80s to being featured in global museum exhibitions, Larrieu has carved out an enduring legacy in art history. His works, showcased in museums throughout France and beyond, validate the international acclaim for his artistic output. Particularly noteworthy is Jean François Larrieu's significant success in Asia, where his art is currently on display in prestigious museums in Japan, Taiwan, and China.

Jean François Larrieu’s Artistic Style and Technique

Jean-François Larrieu's art celebrates the universality of life by skillfully blending elements, signs, and codes. His vibrant color palette and continuously evolving symbolic "alphabet" give rise to artworks that span from the abstraction of the minutely small to the portrayal of the immensely large. Infused with emotion, his solar paintings captivate with an abundance of harmonious details, eloquently expressing the diversity and unity of the universe.


Emotion and Aesthetics

Larrieu's artworks convey joy, tenderness, and mirror the sensitivity of life. Rooted in the integration of codes, his paintings unveil a distinctive pictorial language, offering a perpetually renewed visual encounter. Going beyond aesthetics, Jean François Larrieu uses his artistic expression to convey a message of nature conservation, highlighting the essential role that humans play in preserving the environment.


New Artistic Frontiers

Venturing into uncharted artistic territories, Larrieu pioneers the exploration of innovative realms, immersing himself in the digital domain. Drawing inspiration from his oceanographic universe, he skillfully produced an immersive digital representation of his art, converting his paintings into meticulously scripted 3D videos. This endeavor mirrors his ambition to expand the reach of his distinctive aesthetics and make them more accessible to a broader audience.

Artistic Engagement & Comitment

Demonstrating his unwavering commitment, Jean-François Larrieu played a pivotal role in founding the Committee for the Defense of Artists at the Grand Palais in 1987. Additionally, he was instrumental in the formation of the "Exuberant Writings" group in 2006. As the President of the Taylor Foundation since 2010, Larrieu actively fosters the advancement of the arts by providing support to artists through awards and scholarships. His dedication to social causes is evident in his advocacy for independent artists and active participation in philanthropic association.

Jean François Larrieu & Art Traffik

Art Traffik is delighted to showcase the Art and Beauty of Jean-François Larrieu. While his original paintings may be inaccessible to many, Jean François, in line with the spirit of Art Traffik, offers digigraphs: limited, numbered, and signed prints, accessible to a diverse audience. Upon request, the artist can enhance these prints through his pictorial intervention, hence crafting unique pieces closely resembling his original artworks. A rare chance to possess an artwork which bears Jean-François Larrieu's indelible creative genius! Furthermore, we are pleased to present an exquisite hardcover book that offers a retrospective of his career and themes, available for purchase at



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