Art Capital: Four of Our Artists Showcasing at the Grand Palais!

Art Capital stands as one of France's most esteemed art exhibitions, renowned for the artistic excellence found in its carefully curated selection. Conceived by artists for artists, with the intention of providing a platform for both established and emerging talents, this exhibition is committed to highlighting artistic excellence. This mission aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Art Traffik, deeply embedded in our core values.


This year, we proudly present four of our artists who epitomize this ambition:

  • Jean-François Larrieu, an internationally recognized figure—his reputation precedes him.
  • Gregory Poussier, currently on a remarkable ascent, securing top honors in prestigious sculpture competitions and transcending the confines of an emerging artist.
  • Isabelle Lebret and Notseig, emerging artists, each captivating an increasing number of collectors and galleries with their distinctive styles.


We are genuinely thrilled and proud in seeing all four artists honored in this manner, receiving recognition from such a distinguished exhibition. This further underscores our unwavering commitment to promoting Art and Artists across a wide spectrum of styles, mediums, and levels of recognition (and consequently, prices).

Our selection process remains steadfastly anchored in artistic talent !


We invite you to visit the Art Capital exhibition in the Grand Palais from February 14th-18th 2024: learn more

Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ