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Karl Lagasse
50 cm x 40 cm x 2 cm (hauteur x largeur x profondeur)

Belgique, Tournai

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A propos de l'œuvre

Unique Work KARL LAGASSE - 1/1 PAINTING The Prestigious Luxury Collection ** Jesus on Canvas ** New body of work Workshop 2023 Canvases from the studio of the artist Karl Lagasse - Certificate of Artist. Exceptional & rare work. Acrylic on canvas Original work by Karl Lagasse Dimensions approximately 40 cm x 50 cm Year of production 12/2023 Unique work 1/1 (New body of work). Hand signed by the artist with workshop certificate New body of work. Name of the work: Jesus Will be delivered with a Certificate of Authenticity. Artist KARL LAGASSE Karl Lagasse, born April 4, 1981 in Paris, is a French artist. He is the creator of the One Dollar sculpture as well as the trophy for the 43rd edition of the Deauville American Film Festival. Artistic career Karl Lagasse's career began in 1996 with the sale of his first work in Antwerp, when he was 15 years old[3]. A few years later, in 2003, he prepared his first exhibition in Paris where he exhibited his works which combined collages and painting, as suggested to him by Yvaral Vasarely[4], son of the Hungarian visual artist Victor Vasarely, when they met in 1998. He began sculpting in 2004 and found inspiration while watching Les Nuits Blanches[Which ones?]. He then began to look for his style and began the series of “Buildings”, “totem” works composed of different materials. The same year, he left Paris to settle in Normandy. In 2006, Isy Brachot (famous Brussels gallery) dedicated an exhibition to him. A single painting does not find a taker. Karl Lagasse then offered it to an amateur who was unable to acquire it. In 2008, he returned to Paris to exhibit at the Espace Pierre Cardin. Paintings, sculptures and photographs are presented. A film on the creation of the works is also shown there. 2009, year of creation of one of the artist's most emblematic works, the One Dollar[7]. A work resulting from his admiration for the United States but also symbolizing what it is possible to do with a single dollar; "Making art with $1". In 2010, he was chosen to represent the town of Deauville (Normandy) during the "Horsemania" equestrian world championship which took place in Lexington (United States), a town twinned with the Normandy seaside resort, for which he produced a sculpture[8]. After the "One Dollar", which was an international success, he presented another work which would also become emblematic, the "Cryptogram One". It was at the Art Monaco show in 2011 that the public discovered it. To celebrate the 65th anniversary of the Cannes Film Festival in 2012, he created[9] a “Building” measuring 2.80 m by 60 cm wide in cement, wood, glass and photos in collaboration with Corbis and exhibited it at the Carlton Cinema Club. The artists present at the festival are invited to sign the work, to leave a message on it. This is what José Garcia, Michel Hazanvisius, Bérénice Bejo, Gad Elmaleh, but also Cuba Gooding Jr., Tim Roth, Matthew McConaugheyou and Zac Efron are doing in particular

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Oeuvre unique
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Abstrait, Street Art, Portrait
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