They're hot & In Demand - Adrien Goudier showcased at the Labégorre Foundation



Introduction :

In the dynamic world of art, the exposure an artist receives in renowned institutions such as museums, private collections, biennials, and foundations significantly contributes to their rise in notoriety, and consequently, in artistic value.
Enabling our artists to benefit from such significant events in their careers is part of Art Traffik's DNA. That's why we're excited to share that Adrien Goudier, whose artworks we were the first to showcase, is further proving his recognition with the upcoming exhibition: his works featured by the Labégorre Foundation. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Adrien Goudier, trajectory we paved by being the first gallery to showcase his artworks, is further proving an increasing acclaim with this next noteworthy chapter in his narrative – exhibition at the Labégorre Foundation - and we are immensely proud to have contributed to the narrative that led to this pivotal highlight. Allow me to recount the tale... (all exhibition details are listed below).



The Labégorre Foundation

Stepping into the limelight in 1932, Serge Labégorre stands as a prominent contemporary expressionist painter, with his works gracing the walls of esteemed museums across Paris, Brussels, Geneva, London, Porto, Tokyo, New York, and San Francisco.
Established in 2014, the Labégorre Foundation's primary mission is to preserve, perpetuate, exhibit, and circulate Serge Labégorre's works both in France and abroad. Founded in 2014, the Labégorre Foundation's main goal is to preserve, perpetuate, showcase, and show Serge Labégorre's work in France and beyond national borders. The foundation also strives to safeguard Serge Labégorre’s reputation and artworks by collecting and preserving any items, texts, photos, or manuscripts associated with his career and life. This is carried out in conditions that are designed to best represent his artistic contributions. Beyond the permanent exhibition open to the public of Labegorre’s artworks, the Foundation curates thematic exhibitions for other artists, aligning with the style, subject, and universe of Serge Labégorre. It's not just about simply showcasing art, it's about fostering and celebrating talent.




Adrien Goudier, a Collector, Art Traffik, and the Labégorre Foundation

This tale unfolds delightfully, exactly how we enjoy storytelling. It all began when one of our clients, an art enthusiast and discerned collector named Alain, discovered Adrien Goudier's artworks in our gallery. Alain, whose first name is the only detail we'll reveal, was captivated by Adrien’s work, prompting him to purchase several of his artworks, all of which integrated his personal collection.


The decision to showcase Adrien's works alongside those of the esteemed artist Serge Labégorre marked a recognition of considerable significance, given the shared style and universe of both artists. As a devoted collector of Serge Labégorre, Alain graciously invited Adrien Goudier to an opening at the Labégorre Foundation, sparking curiosity about the artist and his work. Several months later, Adrien Goudier rightfully earned a spot in the Labégorre Foundation's exhibition calendar—a well-deserved acknowledgment that we wholeheartedly congratulate him for, in addition to expressing our sincere gratitude to Alain.


Adrien Goudier's Exhibition at the Labégorre Foundation

"Le Monde a une figure" exhibit 
Du 22 mars au 20 Avril 2024
March 22nd - April 20th, 2024.
Grand opening March 22nd, in company of the artists, along with the Art Traffik Team.

Au programme : Gali, painter and illustrator, and  Adrien Goudier, painter (learn more)

More informations : here

Adrien Goudier’s artworks will also be exhibited simultaneously at Art Traffik - 10 allée de Samadet, 64600 Anglet (open Monday to Saturday, 10 am-7 pm).

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Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ