Nissim Ben Aderet Artist: 5 Keys to deciphering His Work, His Universe





Engaging with a work of art is akin to a romantic rendezvous, demanding no expertise but merely an emotional connection. Yet, beneath the layers of aesthetics and emotion lies the narrative of an artist and their creation. Possessing the keys enables a deeper appreciation of an artwork. Therefore, presented here are 5 vital perspectives that will enrich your comprehension and admiration of Nissim Ben Aderet's works and talent.

1 - Nissim Ben Aderet, the embodiment of unity’s beauty : It is not only his favorite but perhaps his only theme.
The link that binds us and connects us to everything – a bond among humans, and with nature and animals. We are all united, aspiring for the Peace and Balance that this unity demands, concepts deeply cherished by the artist. He depicts this connection through his strokes which unveil characters, subjects, themes, and stories.
  2 - His technique: a starting point, an endpoint.
The vast majority of Nissim Ben Aderet's artworks are made in a single stroke. From a starting point to an endpoint, connected by an endless, soft line, created with a fluid, calm, concentrated gesture. Watching Nissim paint is magical, captivating, and allows us to appreciate how something that may seem simple is technically much more complex.
3- Intuitively created artworks: Nissim Ben Aderet starts with an empty canvas, devoid of preconceived drawings or predetermined markers.
The noteworthy element resides in the seamless blend of spontaneity and technical complexity, yielding harmonious and aesthetically pleasing artworks that bear a unique identity. Much like his distinctive strokes infused with his own DNA, this characteristic touch enhances the overall artistic impact.
  4 - Not premeditated, but meditation: When Nissim Ben Aderet starts with his blank canvas, his creative process necessitates a state of inner calm and intense focus.
Prior to starting a new artwork and in the presence of the blank canvas, Nissim Ben Aderet engages in yoga as a means of mental, emotional, and physical preparation. This ritual is crucial for immersing himself completely in the act of creation.
5 - A piece by Nissim Ben Aderet is a myriad of artworks, wherein the artist skillfully paints with a deliberate narrative and figurative intent.
While he maintains a clear vision of his subjects – a character here, a dog there, or a couple over there – the interplay of these elements yields a plethora of diverse interpretations that gradually unfold over time. Depending on your mood, you'll identify your characters and weave your narrative, especially when Nissim employs fine markers on larger formats.


Nissim Ben Aderet's art invites us to embrace peace, meditation, and love for the beauty in nature and humanity. His positive and optimistic paintings are not just something we all need, but especially crucial for Nissim himself right now. Our thoughts go out to him, recognizing that the current reality in Tel Aviv is a far cry from his dream of a more humane and compassionate world.

Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ