Art Traffik and Art Montpellier: Connecting with art enthusiasts!




Art Traffik isn't just an online art marketplace; it's a celebration of art that goes beyond the digital realm! We emphasize the physical dimension and human connection between art enthusiasts, collectors, and our artists and their artworks. With a permanent 250m2 exhibition space in the Basque Country, exclusive interviews with our artists, and a commitment to personal connections, Art Traffik brings art to life. To further enhance this physical dimension, Art Traffik is expanding its representation at exhibitions and fairs, the latest being Art Montpellier!

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Art Montpellier: Where Galleries Shine


We chose Art Montpellier for its quality and rigorous selection committee. Only galleries exhibit artists from their selection with utmost professionalism. This ensures quality for visitors, particularly art enthusiasts and collectors. Gallery support and guidance, including art purchase advice, are invaluable. Buyers are guaranteed to discover and acquire works from professional or semi-professional artists dedicated to their craft, aiming to mature in the market with genuine artistic intent. Galleries, with their expertise, play a crucial role in promoting artists and contributing to their recognition.



A Solo Show Featuring Artist Sylvain Piget

For our debut in Montpellier, we aimed to distinguish ourselves by showcasing an artist with a creative approach and unique works. We succeeded with Sylvain Piget. The comments of visitors such as "I had never seen such works before," "It's totally innovative," and "it's unlike anything we've ever seen at the fair" were a testimony of Sylvain’s uniqueness. Our ability to discover and promote emerging talents is another reason discerning collectors follow our selection closely.



sylvain piget oeuvre
sylvain piget oeuvre

A first Success and plenty of Enjoyment!


Beyond sales, the joy of connecting with art lovers, colleagues, and savvy collectors was unparalleled. Creating an opportunity for collectors to meet the artist face to face and ask him questions, led to meaningful interactions. The encounters between the Art Traffik team and visitors allowed them to discover our gallery, its approach, and commitment.

Save the date !


Mark your calendars for Art Montpellier 2024 and other thrilling events we’ve got lined up in 2024! But before that, meet up with Art Traffik at Art Up Lille from February 8th to the 11th, where we’ll be showcasing paintings and sculptures from six of our rising artists !

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sylvain piget oeuvre



Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ