Sylvain PIGET
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36 y.o.
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Sylvain PIGET
Sculpture, Mixed technique, Painting
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1 800 € to 9 200 €
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There is the sensible and the intelligible ; senses, perception and cognition. Through the medium of wood, its geometric volume associated with color, and the aesthetics of their ensemble, my artworks aim to oscillate between the two, and depending on the onlooker, to trigger one and/or the other.

Sylvain PIGET

Introducing Sylvain PIGET


Sylvain Piget, exclusive of the Art Traffik selection.

When the "artistic fiber" is within you, no matter how much you try to go against it, it always manages to resurface eventually to express itself. I am deeply convinced of this. The artist Sylvain Piget is a perfect example... and with talent!


Sylvain Piget’s Biography

Sylvain Piget was born in Cognac in 1988, into a family with a strong artistic influence from his grandfather, a skilled carpenter. His passion for drawing and painting emerged at the tender age of 8, attending weekly classes that ignited his artistic flair. By 13, he made his exhibition debut, spurred on by an encouraging art teacher who saw great promise in his talent.Top of Form


"I must admit it completely put me off at the time. I wanted a real job, as they say, and I was aiming for a different lifestyle and career than that of an artist. So, I completely stopped painting and put away my brushes." Sylvain took a different path and led a fulfilling life between a successful professional career and high-level sports, with his brushes always stored away.

Personal Life & Artistic Journey

It was only years later, in 2016, that he rediscovered his artistic passion at the request of a close relative, who encouraged him to get his paintbrushes out again. Sylvain recalls: "Completely unexpectedly, a cousin close to me—remembering my artistic youth—asked me to bring out my brushes. She had visited an exhibition by Cédric Bouteiller and wanted me to create a work in that style, as she couldn't afford one herself. I agreed, bought all the materials. And there, a click, a rush of excitement, a lot of pleasure... I decided to find myself a proper studio and start freelancing professionally to free up time, and... paint."



Sylvain Piget: His Style, His Works

In his early works, Sylvain Piget focused mainly on abstract pieces, deeply drawn to the allure of blue and entranced by the Mediterranean. Despite finding joy in this exploration and even crafting his own colors, he remained dissatisfied, longing for a distinctive artistic identity and a genuine expression of his uniqueness.

Apart from creating colors, Sylvain also personally crafted wooden frames, a skill inherited from his carpenter grandfather's workshop, where he learned to handle machines and tools. This craftsmanship led to the accumulation of wood scraps, which he stored, knowing they would eventually find purpose, even if the exact vision remained unclear.

In 2019, Sylvain embarked on a new artistic journey, using wooden slats painted in his beloved Klein blue as a homage. These assemblies of wooden pieces, arranged into various forms—round, square, or rectangular—became a canvas for his play with volume, relief, colors, and the interplay of shadow and light, blurring the lines between abstraction and geometry. This fusion of construction talent and color mastery birthed truly unique works that provoke contemplation and captivate the viewer's attention.


While his abstract paintings emerged from a sense of release, Sylvain discovered a meticulous obsession with detail and a quest for perfection in his new creations. Though laborious initially, he has since gained a dexterity that allows instinct to guide his process, meticulously arranging and selecting pieces to form cohesive wholes.

Sylvain's artistic process begins in his mind, translating into sketches that evolve beyond their original intention as he explores the textures, shapes, and colors of the wood. This intuitive approach allows for spontaneity, with colors often defined during assembly or applied to raw wood before further refinement. His acceptance of imperfections reflects a deep appreciation for the inherent qualities of wood—the warmth, the grain, and the way these natural characteristics enhance the artwork's visual depth.

The circle, symbolic and aesthetically pleasing, became Sylvain's preferred canvas shape, inspired by Plato's "intelligible world of ideas." The square, meanwhile, emerged as an alternative for certain color combinations that the circle couldn't accommodate, showcasing his exploration of form and material diversity, from aluminum foil to cardboard.

Beyond the aesthetics, Sylvain's work delves into philosophical echoes, contrasting the sensible with the intelligible, a concept akin to Plato's distinction between the material world and the realm of Forms or Ideas. This intellectual exploration infuses Sylvain's creations with a depth that invites reflection and engagement.


The initial imperfect works laid the foundation for Sylvain's artistic DNA, establishing a distinctive style that resonated with audiences. With subsequent exhibitions, Sylvain's art found resonance, with three pieces sold and more commissioned, solidifying his artistic presence and trajectory.

Sylvain Piget’s Evolution

With certainty in his path, Sylvain committed himself to focusing on his artistic work, exploring the different potentials, and exhibiting his artworks in luxurious hotels. Success quickly followed, drawing interest from discerning international collectors and aficionados accustomed to visiting contemporary art galleries and fairs.

Sylvain Piget realized that the next step was to enter galleries in order to be able to focus on his creative process and allow his art to evolve.

This journey led him to contact Art Traffik, and we were delighted and honored to be the first art gallery to showcase and represent his unique work.

Top of Form


Bottom of Form


Art Traffik & Sylvain Piget

Over the span of more than a year, we collaborated with Sylvain Piget, presenting his work in two exhibitions. This exposure led to increased interest from numerous international galleries, propelling his career forward. Starting with Art Traffik in the "Certified" category, Sylvain swiftly advanced to "Certified Master" before venturing out to further expand his presence globally.

At Art Traffik, we proudly serve as a launching pad for emerging artists, recognizing their potential to achieve ambitious goals. This is why discerning collectors closely follow our curated selection, in search of promising talents.

Sylvain Piget stands as a testament to the success stories cultivated by Art Traffik, and we wish him continued success in all his endeavors!




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