SOLO SHOW - December 2023 -⛔ SHOW'S OVER ⛔




The Solo Shows : an immersive experience into the world of our artists and their work


What is a "Solo Show"?

Because we love to share and introduce to you the artists of our selection, we wanted to offer you a more immersive experience.
That’s why each month, we'll be showcasing 2 or 3 of our artists via viewing rooms entirely dedicated to them.
Dive into their realm and their distinctive style – an optimal approach to fully embracing an artist's creations - all in one location.

How can you be informed of our monthly program ?

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Which artists in October ?

For this edition, the spotlights are on MARINA HIRLEA and SAILEV.  


Landscapes have always been a source of inspiration throughout the centuries, artistic movements, and in art schools. Time and time again, artists have portrayed, with more or less the style of realism, abstraction even, elements of nature, landscapes and horizons, based on the emotions they felt.

Artist : SAILEV

Sailev is an artist who is deeply involved : Art is the medium with which he wishes to reach us, touch us and raise our ecological awareness, animal rights in particular, his own personal battle. And, if he’s in our selection, it’s because he does this with TALENT and artistic sincerity.


What are the advantages of a Solo Show?

A true immersion into the artist's universe, you will be able to anchor yourself in their realm and fully discover their artworks.

The Solo Show supplements our showroom , which itself can be visited virtually 24/7, thanks to its virtual tour , as if you were really there ! 

The Solo Show, as a viewing room, is a virtual space dedicated to the artist, accessible from any digital device (smartphone, computer, smartTV ...). It will allow you to :
- Zoom in on the artwork
- Turn around the artwork 
- Check the size and measurements of the artwork
- Consult the materials used 
- Buy the artwork

Discover the artworks by MARINA HIRLEA and SAILEV in our gallery in Anglet and on our website !

Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ