When a creative encounter culminates in a masterpiece...





Reflecting on an exceptional commission !

I say this often, but I’ll say it again : We love our profession, and we are very fortunate to do what we do... I have numerous stories to recount, yet this one stands out for the remarkable outcome it produced: a true masterpiece, notable for its dimensions—standing at 4 meters in height and spanning 2.5 meters in width. It unquestionably warranted a brief video to share this experience with you.

It all began when a couple first stepped into our showroom and discovered Jonathan Ouisse’s artworks for the very first time. There was an instant connection, a profound resonance with his style, his world, and also with what Jonathan Ouisse is committed to. This is because his creations transcend mere aesthetics and exceptional craftsmanship; they all aspire to raise awareness about the consequences of human activity on our planet. Through his paintings, Jonathan Ouisse presents a vision of a future where nature and animals have reclaimed their supremacy, and where humanity has carved out a space for itself. When humans do appear in his pieces, they are often depicted as caricatures of their voracious consumption, or as children who will ultimately become the saviors of this world. This shared vision adds to the couple's delight in discovering Jonathan Ouisse's art, which creates a glimmer of hope.


What I was unaware of is that this couple had recently purchased a new house, completed its renovation, and was in search of an artwork for their living room, more particularly a large, bare wall. It would be the home for a commissioned artwork by Jonathan Ouisse.

This marked the inception of 'Ordo ab Chaos' (where order arises from chaos), grounded in the belief that a phase of deconstruction is necessary to restore balance to our planet. We facilitated the initial contact and conversations between our clients and Jonathan, not only for the joy of introducing them but also to discuss the clients’ desires. This was to help Jonathan understand, based on his previously created works, what had particularly appealed to them. Apart from the size, everything else was a blank canvas for Jonathan.

Two months later, Art Traffik received Jonathan Ouisse's artwork, rolled up...


I’ll let you see it for yourself in video, along with the creative process that took place in Jonathan Ouisse's studio, where all the magic unfolds.

Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ