Congratulations to Stéphane Gubert




Art Traffik is always thrilled to see its artists gain recognition, expand internationally, and climb the ranks of the art market. Especially when we were one of the first galleries to exhibit and promote them, which was the case with Stéphane Gubert! Beginning his journey in the "start" category and progressing to "certified" two years ago, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Stéphane Gubert on his recent achievement of reaching the prestigious "Certified Master" status!

Stéphane's talent has been acknowledged by galleries across Europe and notably in the United States, where he now enjoys international acclaim, and actively exports his art. His unique artistic style has earned him a place among the luminaries of the "Pop Art" realm, as he shares exhibitions with iconic artists.

We can't emphasize it enough! Our artist selection process is centered on identifying talent and potential, and we are fully committed to actively promoting them, much like we have for Stéphane. This approach allows us to consistently achieve an annual average price increase of around 10% across all artists... Nurturing our artists' development is a fundamental aspect of our mission, and it benefits not only the artists themselves but also our clients who have been with us from the get go !

A resounding round of applause to Stéphane Gubert!

Notice : as you've likely gathered, fame and recognition also come with a price increase... +20%. Consequently, we will be implementing this adjustment which is already in effect in other galleries.

However, Art Traffik has made the proactive decision to provide you with advance notice of this increase and will only adjust the prices of Stéphane Gubert’s artworks on Thursday, September 21st 2023.


Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ