Stéphane  Gubert
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Stéphane Gubert
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I bear witness to the routines of everyday life, to individuals and their small joys, their conflicts, their moments of greatness, their absurdities, all without passing judgment...

Stéphane Gubert

Introducing Stéphane Gubert


French painter Stéphane Gubert's work and style are in a continuous and progressive evolution. Influenced by the worlds of comics, manga, and pop art, his initial series "TOUCLEAN" and "TOUFOU" were vibrant explosions of color and imagery, rich in narrative. However, today, Stéphane conceals and codes his message and commitment through style and structure. His paintingsbearwitness to people’s everyday lives, their joys, conflicts, moments of greatness, and their absurdities without passing judgment.




Stéphane Gubert, born in the southwest of France, discovered his passion for painting at a young age. Self-taught, he refined his skills through relentless practice, introspection, and an unwavering love for art. Initially drawn to galleries with a focus on superheroes, influenced by gallery expectations, he soon realized a lack of artistic fulfillment despite successful sales. This led to a temporary hiatus from his studio, partly due to professional commitments limiting his time. 


However, the desire to paint never truly faded, eventually bringing him back to his easel. Impressed by his style, compositions, thematic depth, and mastery of color, we encouraged him to return to his craft with a simple directive: "Find joy in your work." Three months later, he reemerged at Art Traffik with four new artworks... and earned a place in our selection! Since then, Stéphane has not only secured representation in numerous European galleries but also across the Atlantic, which has now placed him in our Master selection!

Stéphane Gubert: His Style, His Technique  


Influenced by the vibrant worlds of comics and manga, Stéphane Gubert crafts art that breathes spontaneity, capturing the essence of everyday life with all its intricacies—be it joy, violence, grandeur, or absurdity—sans judgment. Drawing from a tapestry of influences including the likes of Roy Lichtenstein, Hervé Télémaque, and more, he infuses his work with a pop art flair, blending narrative figuration, urban art, and graffiti techniques into a dynamic, engaging aesthetic. 

Within his series of paintings, Gubert delves into a myriad of themes, from the mundane to the profound, each canvas a reflection of his emotions and experiences. Through meticulous composition and a balanced fusion of colors and styles, he weaves layers of interpretation, inviting viewers to journey deeper into the narratives he unveils. 

While inspired by his contemporaries, Gubert's artistic voice remains uniquely his own, characterized by a palette of harmoniously contrasting colors and a rich tapestry of symbols and messages. His works, initially striking for their contemporary allure, unfurl layers of depth and storytelling upon closer inspection, cementing his status as a masterful storyteller through art.



Stéphane Gubert & Art Traffik  

Brimming with talent and boundless energy, Stéphane Gubert consistently dazzles and captivates with every fresh creation. His artistry is a vibrant expression, a reflection of his profound sensitivity and emotions. Stéphane's remarkable talent harmonizes seamlessly with his humility and empathy, infusing his work with evocative colors and styles that are both modern and powerful. His artistic journey promises more thrilling discoveries, and his career is just starting a climb that will surely take him to prestigious galleries and collections.




Jean Dubuffet Hervé Télémaque Erró


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En 2004 Réalisation série de lithographies surf/snowboard pour le magazine Surf Session Réalisation de l’affiche 2004 de la fête nationale du surf (réaliser pour l’association des majors de l’industrie du surf – Quiksilver, Rip Curl,…) 

En 2003 Réalisation du calendrier 2003 pour le magazine Surf Session