Art Traffik & Paypal : the optimum duo that satisfies your Art desires !






New : Art Traffik takes things up a notch by joining up with PayPal, hence making it possible for you to purchase the work of art you love, effortlessly and serenely. Close Read :


The sale of artworks online has been expanding year after year, representing today nearly 10% of the international art market’s turnover.

Regular or occasional buyers and collectors are buying more and more over the internet. 

Internet not only offers them a wide array of artworks and the possibility to discover new artists, but it also allows them to follow artists they like and stay up to date in their latest creations, just waiting to set their hearts on a work of art they love. 

And, last but not least, when buying art online they can return the artwork and be reimbursed, within 14 days of receipt.

Statistics of art buyers who bought works online in the last 12 months (%)

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New art buyers (collectors for less than three years) who bought art online in the past 12 months (%)

Hiscox 2020 report on the online art market Learn more

However, market studies show that a decisive factor for buying art online is the trust buyers have with regards to the website…the quality of its selection, reliable consulting services, quality customer and support services, and, especially, the safe and secure online payment options. 

Regarding our customer service – conscientious, attentive and close-to-home accompaniment, quality and speedy delivery – all our customers will confirm that Art Traffik bends over backwards to satisfy their needs !

Moreover, we recently made it possible to pay in instalments, without charge or interests (learn more).

BUT this offer was restricted to countries eligible…and when it comes to uninhibiting the purchase of Art, Art Traffik never ceases to strive in the interests of art lovers.

That is why Art Traffik wanted to offer additional secure means of payment, including worldwide payment plans, free of charge.


That mission was accomplished when Art Traffik signed a partnership with PayPal whose reputation is firmly established…

Now, thanks to PayPal : 

You may make purchases using your PayPal account.



All credit card payments benefit from PayPal’s security. 



You may pay in 4 instalments (free of charge), in France and abroad, to the grand satisfaction of our international clientele.

And again, thanks to PayPal who fully understands Art Traffik’s will to serve the interests of artists as well (by ensuring commission rates that are in their favor), PayPal agreed to lower its commission !

Naturally, our 48-month payment plan is still available, free of charge & interest free (we lower our commission, not the artist’s !), but it is still restricted to eligible countries. That is our next mission : make this offer worldwide…we’re working on it !  

In the meantime, we are pleased to offer you more secure and reliable payment methods, and make the artwork you love YOURS !


Go ahead and treat yourself to the Art you love !


Article published by LJ Art Traffik