5 Insights Lahcen Khedim

Lahcen Khedim is an artist we've enjoyed collaborating with for nearly as long as Art Traffik has existed, and we're delighted to have witnessed his evolution to the extent that he entered our 'Master' category after having garnered recognition from both the art market and its institutions.


#1 His Appetite for Matter

In each of his series, Lahcen tackles the creative process with an insatiable hunger for materials. Be it the abundance or diversity, he delves into ways to amplify their aesthetic and creative capacities. This occasionally drives him to a compulsive and indulgent style (yet consistently meticulous) - such as when he layers paint to several centimeters thick, resulting in artworks of significant weight!


#2 His Topic : Humanity in Unity

At the core of his work lies humanity, not as individuals, but as the collective sum of all humans, bound together by what unites them as a group. Whether it's a cultural, ethnic, or societal group, it's always about the human essence. The representation of these groups, in the graphic sense, is never straightforward, sometimes concealed at first glance. It's only by paying attention that viewers of Lahcen's works discover silhouettes, faces, and crowds of people...


#3 No problems, only solutions

Lahcen Khedim's creative spirit is in constant turmoil... From there arise desires and ideas for creation, allowing for the exploration and deepening of the subject of Humanity and Human nature. From the conceived idea, which he visualizes, he must move on to its realization, leading him to conduct tests, research, in order to find the material, the medium, as well as the technique that will allow him to bring the idea to life. And sometimes, from these explorations, other ideas emerge...


#4 A flair for the monumental

Lahcen loves all things grand, and even grander. When he paints, he needs to unleash his gesture. He loves it when institutions entrust him with a space to create an installation for the duration of an exhibition. It's not about extravagance; it's about fully embodying his vision, ensuring it's expressed just right, and to convey what he wants the viewer to experience. If he sometimes works on paper and therefore on more "reasonable" formats, it’s just his way of perfecting his craft before diving into something truly monumental.


 #5 The Anecdote

Lahcen Khedim made his way through the Beaux-Arts in Paris, successfully passing the selection process. However, it was just a brief stop, as his overflowing creative spirit and desire for freedom were quickly constrained by professors who proved to be very critical of his work. Nevertheless, at his first exhibition after leaving school, Lahcen Khedim received praise from several art critics! Not to mention Lahcen’s ongoing success ever since... Bam, there you go ! 

Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ