Lahcen Khedim
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47 y.o.
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Lahcen Khedim
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I search for freedom in my strokes, shapes and colors. I am not afraid of mistakes on my canvas, on the contrary, I look for them.

Lahcen Khedim

Introducing Lahcen Khedim


Lahcen Khedim's artworks are expansive and lively, mirroring the reserved and secretive nature of the artist himself. Despite his enigmatic persona, Lahcen emerges as a free-spirited and instinctive painter, expressing his inner turmoil solely through his canvases. Each day, Lahcen engages in a continuous process of work, painting, drawing, and evolution, filled with desires and ideas that we are excited to share with you.


The Journey of a Free and Instinctive Artist

Lahcen Khedim, born in Montbéliard and residing in Paris since 2000, has harbored a passion for drawing since the age of 12. Despite pursuing studies in management, his love for art takes precedence even before completing his diploma. Choosing to become an artist, Lahcen enters the School of Fine Arts to deepen his artistic language. However, his free spirit and creativity face misunderstanding in the school environment, leading him to drop out and embark on his own artistic journey.


Lahcen Khedim's Entry into Galleries, the Beginning of an Ascension

His artworks quickly find a place in one, then two, and eventually three galleries, earning him recognition in the market. This exposure opens doors to the European and North American markets. Simultaneously, Lahcen's active participation in various artistic projects, exhibitions, and installations garners praise from critics, cementing the recognition he rightfully deserves.



Lahcen Khedim's Unique Expressionism

For Lahcen, painting transcends mere expression; it becomes a vital necessity. Drawing inspiration from materials like paint, paper, wool threads, he employs various mediums to enhance his distinctive artistic approach. This is evident in his series, each more captivating than the last, born from meticulous technical exploration and artistic processes. Combining neo-expressionism and an urban spirit, Lahcen pushes the boundaries of abstraction.


Lahcen Khedim's Chosen Theme

Lahcen Khedim's artistic universe revolves around humanity, both individual and collective. Upon closer examination, faces emerge in the "Crowd" series, characters in the "Chaos" series, and crowds in the "Exile" series. Human diversity, multiplicity, and uniqueness are prevalent in each artwork, acting as mirrors that invite us to reflect on our universal humanity and reconnect with our innocence and childhood beyond life's influences.


Painting Chaos: Lahcen Khedim and His "Chaos" Series

In his "Chaos" series, Lahcen Khedim engages in profound reflection. His large drawings explore organized disorder, reflecting his perspective on the contemporary world, navigating between oppositions, unity, love, and war. Using a coded alphabet, Lahcen Khedim draws us into a world of hieroglyphs that only he can decipher.

"Crowd" Series: Color Bursts and Liberating Movements

The "Crowd" series stands out among Lahcen's captivating works, featuring an explosion of colors and liberating gestures. Using "paint bottles," Lahcen creates dynamic interlacings, merging expressionism with abstraction, where aesthetics coexist with a profound sense of humanity.

Artistic Fusion: Neo-Expressionism and Urban Spirit

In all his works and series, Lahcen's intensity shines through, blending aesthetics and visuals with exuberance. While his painting may evoke neo-expressionist artists or graffiti, it's not an influence but a consequence. Lahcen creates with spontaneity and an urban spirit, aligning himself with current events and presenting his vision of a chaotic yet interactive world, mirroring the interaction of materials and colors seeking balance.



Lahcen Khedim & Art Traffik


Take note, now’s the time to invest in Lahcen's art while it's still within reach. His influence in the art world is on the rise, and the enthusiasm from galleries, experts, and collectors is growing. We're looking forward to the outcome of his current studies and research, and the captivating series that will unfold.


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