You are my russian pornstar

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Selwyn Senatori

You are my russian pornstar
19.69 in x 19.69 in x 1.57 in (height x width x depth)

France, Paris

Unique artwork
7 500,00 €
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About the artwork

Peinture sur toile de l'artiste Selwyn Senatori (Pays-Bas) Intitulé : You are my russian pornstar

About the artist

Selwyn Senatori. Artist. Half Italian, half Dutch. Shockingly stylish and at the same time true Amsterdam. The man of the three-piece suit, the hanky, the custom made shoes, and with a glass of champagne in his hand. But also shorts full of paint spots and a pair of HEMA sandals. It's not about what you wear, it's about how you wear it. Selwyn knows that. Selwyn was born on May 2, 1973, in Pallanze, Italy, and moved at a young age with his parents to the Netherlands. After completing his education at the School of Arts In Utrecht, the artist is committed to painting. Anyone who looks at the work of the artist clearly sees that he cultivates his Italian roots in his work. The 'Selwyn Senatori' attribute. It stands for everything the artist loves: his childhood in Italy, long dining with the family, good food and the nostalgia of the sixties and life in his city; Amsterdam. Energy and 'carpe diem' are the common denominator between the artist Selwyn Senatori and his work with which he has an international reputation. Often he feels overwhelmed by his ideas, in a sense that he cannot work fast enough to capture al his ideas in flashy strokes and quick spray planes on the canvas. To not forget any ideas he often puts them down on the floor of his studio. All kinds of sketch phases and basic ideas for his paintings can be found there. It is typical of the artist and his work. The spontaneity can be seen in the bright, vital colours of his paintings and affect the viewer with an unprecedented optimism and zest for life. He knows what's coming on his next canvas. Always. He never doubts, knows exactly where each line comes. It delivers art that makes instant happy. Art full of Italian rascals, Amsterdam gangsters, women, girls, buttocks, breasts, legs. Full of food, drinks, expensive cars, scooters and parties. But those who look closely also see a deeper layer, the dark side of the epicurean, the party animal, the bon vivant. He says: 'I am a hypochondriac. I always think I'm dying. I am afraid of that. And that's why I paint like crazy; I want to leave as much as possible, making a bridge between the earthly and the dead.' That’s also a side of Selwyn. The small guy with a tiny heart and a big mouth. Always a suitable one liner and preferably in the centre of attention. "Life is mainly about me," he says. With a big wink, but somewhere you know: he really means it. And that's okay. You can take it from Selwyn, because Selwyn makes you happy. Just like his art. There’s enough misery, right? Selwyn Senatori’s work is an ode to life, to the party, to the woman, to the fashion, the style, sex, champagne, food, Italy and Amsterdam, the city which is a read thread through his veins....

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Unique artwork
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pop art
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