Coquelicots (Poppies) 2

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Asanbek Kadyraliev

Coquelicots (Poppies) 2
13.78 in x 17.72 in x 0.39 in (height x width x depth)

France, Sete

Unique artwork
65,00 €
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About the artwork

Variation on the poppy theme. Watercolor. Possibility of sending with a frame Variation au thème coquelicots. Aquarelle. Possibilité d'envoi avec un cadre

About the artist

Peintre. Il est né le 9 janvier 1958 dans le village de Chon-Kemin. En 1983, il est diplômé de l'École d'art d'État kirghize du nom de S.A. Chuikova et en 1989 - Théâtre d'État et Institut d'art de Tachkent du nom A. Ostrovsky, département de peinture. Depuis 1989, il enseigne au département de dessin, de peinture et de sculpture de l'Université d'État kirghize de construction, de transport et d'architecture. Painter. He was born on January 9, 1958 in the village of Chon-Kemin. In 1983 he graduated from the Kyrgyz State Art School named after S.A. Chuikova, and in 1989 - Tashkent State Theater and Art Institute named after A. Ostrovsky, painting department. Since 1989 he has taught at the Department of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture of the Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture.

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Coquelicots (Poppies) Aquarelle
Unique artwork
Signature of the artist
Bottom left
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