Laurent Bornier
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Age :
45 y.o.
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Laurent Bornier
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300 € to 3 300 €
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I paint what I feel, in all sincerity, until reaching an equilibrium, an appealing pleasure that emanate from the canvas, in harmony with my emotions.

Laurent Bornier

Introducing Laurent Bornier

Are we born an artist or do we become one ? Laurent’s answer to that question would most likely be that we come into this world having an artistic soul or genetic predispositions, of which we are sometimes unaware of, and can be revealed by life’s experiences. On a personal note, I would even add that we only earn and acquire the title of being an Artist (with a capital A) through hard work, self-questioning and sincerity. That sums up pretty well Laurent Bornier’s career path which led him to knock on Art Traffik’s door one day, to submit his candidacy and enter our selection.

« I knew NOTHING about art » he recounts. It was only because he needed extra credits for his undergraduate degree that he took the optional fine arts classes, entering a workshop for the very first time and being introduced to art by a very passionate teacher (let us be grateful to her…).

Aside from learning the different artistic techniques, he discovered and explored the history of art, or as he puts it « I discovered a new language that echoed in me, revealing itself to me like a missing piece of the puzzle”. And when Laurent refers to language it refers to both the medium he uses to express his emotions through his creations and the emotions sparked in him by the works of great masters. A language he tries to grasp, always trying to understand what makes an artwork so magnetic even when there’s only a line or a blot on a canvas.

Having obtained a perfect score at his final undergraduate exam, he decided to pursue his fine arts studies at the university. Quickly, he was disappointed by what he is learning, and by life and its obligations. Both ended up having the best of him, upon which time he decided leave behind the world art in order to enter an active working life. Hence, Laurent set aside his canvasses and paintbrushes in order to dedicate himself to his professional ambitions, with the determination to succeed.

Until the day he crossed paths with Guy F. … 


Not knowing that Guy was an art lover and collector, Laurent spoke of his early stages as an artist during a conversation…Shortly thereafter, Guy brought Laurent canvasses, paints and brushes: “this way I am sure you’ll pick it up again”. So, he did, and later thanked Guy by offering him one of his paintings. This of course awoke Guy’s passion for art which led him to purchase 10 more ; Guy had been won over. Surprised and flattered was Laurent, to be a part of Guy’s collection amongst established artists, but was also dubious of it all…He continued to paint occasionally, for the pleasure of it, remaining true to his career, becoming more and more prominent.


Then came the day he travelled to Anglet, his hometown, where he heard of a gallery that had opened…Art Traffik. He went and quickly felt “at home”, immersing himself in its atmosphere :”I can’t explain why, but I immediately identified with the Art Traffik realm and felt connected to its artists, as if I was already a member of the “tribe”. On top of it all, in Anglet, where I grew up…it was a sign, and I truly wanted to be a part of it. Plus, I had succeeded professionally. It triggered something in me, made me want to paint in earnest.”  Laurent submitted his application upon which time I discovered his work, with delight and curiosity…I called him back, expressing my interest and desire to see more and know more, all the more enchanted by this first phone conversation. We set an appointment, multiplying tenfold Laurent’s desire and motivation to paint, hurling himself into the production of new paintings to present to me on the day of. I had a sudden weak spot…for the artist, his humility and his desire to paint, and for his paintings. I was sure of his talent and his potential, now here he is in our selection….

Now, let us take a look at Laurent Bornier’s style, his paintings…what distinguishes him.


Art Brut ? Bad Painting ? His style certainly is borderline with both, with its spontaneous strokes, colors, expressions, but not only…


Laurent Bornier’s technique, or rather his creative process has evolved. Of his earliest artworks (dating back to his undergraduate years), he has kept his appetite for matter and the mixing of mediums : newspapers, wood, acrylic, pastels, oil paints…all used with spontaneity and instinct (it isn’t surprising to learn that Antoni Tapies is one of his Masters). The characters, messages, faces, objects and words intertwine with matter, “legible” in the energetic and abstract universe yielded by the spontaneity. Although his first artworks were made in one go, Laurent Bornier now further develops his paintings in three phases, by digging deep within himself…


The first phase remains spontaneous, instinctive, and purely emotional, but without the figurative or narrative. It is then that Laurent lets loose, an outlet for the emotions that lie within him in the moment, animating his compulsive craving to paint, from which stems utter abstraction. Laurent speaks of violence, relentlessness, an overlay of colors and emotions, painting with his hands, the hard tip of his brushes, over and over again until repletion, when the end result speaks to him. Even if it means having to paint over the artwork several times …

The second phase is contemplative during which Laurent “lives” with the painting for several days. Set below his television while watching a movie or set at the table while he eats, he stares at it “the way one will stare at the clouds in the sky, making out shapes, unconsciously guided by our feelings or present state of mind…until I can clearly identify what is lurking underneath.”

This marks the start of the third and last phase in which, with paints and pastels, he outlines what it is he has identified, whether it be a looming object or face surfacing from the first phase’s abstraction. The title comes to Laurent, completing the translation of his intention, his emotion, his vision. Only then is the artwork finished. “I then grab a new bare canvas, I’ll walk past it several times before starting to work on it. For when I am not painting, I store up things, like a battery that recharges itself, until it overflows and for which painting is the only catharsis.”

Yet, from it all arises a style and aesthetics which make Laurent Bornier’s artworks so recognizable, having developed, through hard work and sincerity, his very own semantic field of words to express his emotions.

Will he continue to evolve ?...To progress ? There is no doubt about that given his determination and the pleasure he gets from the sincerity of his creative process.

Will he tend more towards abstraction or on the contrary more towards figuration ? He doesn’t know…what’s for certain is that he still has a lot to say and much to learn and discover about painting’s possibilities in regards to the translation (and the transmission) of his emotions.

(and thank you Guy F. for your keen (art collector) eye which encouraged Laurent to pursue !!!)



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