Catherine Poinson
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66 y.o.
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Catherine Poinson
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One day came along the irresistible desire to assemble, reunite, to connect. As clear as day...

Catherine Poinson

Introducing Catherine Poinson

Catherine Poinson’s style is that of still-life classical painting (between the Baroque and Renaissance periods), faithful to the lighting and intense color palette, but revamped through photography, especially in the way she structures the objects, contemporary yet timeless objects.


The aesthetics of Catherine’s artworks are eye-catching, yet the eye will hesitate an instant…


Is it a painting ? Is it photography, picture editing or digital art ? And what are the objects; what does is the eye seeing ? I almost want to say “who cares !”… the end result is all that matters. Yes, it is photography, but let’s forget the technic, if you would, in order to focus on the end result.

Still-life paintings, throughout the centuries and the many painting crossroads, artistic crossroads in general, have always been a stylistic exercise (often a technical exercise as well) and a narrative, a testimony of an era, of its time. The latter are identifiable by the style and the objects depicted in the artworks often bearing a symbol, a symbolic meaning, inherent to its time.


Charles Sterling, master of still-life paintings, says “An authentic still-life sees day when an artist makes the fundamental decision to choose a group of objects as subject matter, and arranges them to look like a plastic entity. The era and environment in which the artist is working will influence the way he loads his artworks with different spiritual allusions, but will in no way change the underlying purpose : to impose on us the poetic emotion of the beauty he/she saw in the objects and the way they were structured.”


Arranging, plastic entity, allusions, emotions, assembling…a definition whose words are in total harmony with Catherine’s artworks…

Each artwork is the fruit of a long and meticulous process of plastic composition, the assembly of objects from our era or another; from the world of fashion, consumerism, or perhaps from our culture or other ethnic cultures, either Asian or African. In any case, both the staging and the composition become aesthetic. The lighting, also methodically adjusted, sublimates their colors and materials they are made of.


Hence, every adjusted object filled with its symbolic and entity becomes a whole that the picture will freeze in time. A well-balanced whole that is also poised. Poise whose fragility contributes to the artwork’s beauty and sensitivity.


The intensely black background intensifies the “Caravaggio” colors giving the artwork a mysterious feel, but also bringing this well-balanced whole its own identity and soul.

At times, Catherine allows herself to edit her photos in order to deform the image, the object or objects…a bit of surrealism surges, reminding me of the Salvador Dali’s dripping wristwatches, but that’s my personal opinion. Nevertheless, Catherine creates a still-life allegory, offering us a different dimension with the imbalance of material that creates an aesthetic balance, toying with the object’s material in order to serve the sake of emotions.


Catherine Poinson puts all her photographic talent into underscoring the soul she captures and brings to light. From there, a transmutation of the objects and their matter takes place, with an intense and mysterious beauty, which brings an aesthetic and emotional essence to still-life. And, with elegance.


Her artworks come in different sizes and different finish. You can choose from either a “subligraphic” print which intensifies the colors and lighting, or a 325g fine art Baryta Hahnemuhle paper print which gives a more painting-like feel, ideal for lovers of still-life of the great classical painting masters. It’s a question of taste…


I am sure that this is just the beginning, and that Catherine will explore other aspects of still-life. To be followed closely !!!



Vincent van Gogh Corneille Vivian Maier

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