Antoine Josse
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Antoine Josse
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I gaze out the window, watching autumn fade... I adore the bare tree dancing in the wind. I cherish this distant, solitary house... and the mystery of passing strangers in the street

Antoine Josse

Introducing Antoine Josse


Antoine Josse is an artist whose work embodies lightness (with a touch of impudence), escapism, and the ability to dream the impossible. Through his sculptures and paintings, he takes the viewer on a journey into a realm where reflection, emotion, and contemplation intertwine. Poetic? Absolutely. Narrative? Undoubtedly. And all this with a technique and style that, combined with his unique universe, make Antoine Josse's artworks unmistakably his own.



Born February 14th 1970, in Boulogne Billancourt, Antoine Josse grew up in Vannes, in the Morbihan region of Brittany. It was there that he found his initial artistic inspirations. Believing that art is an extension of life, Antoine sees artists as witnesses of their time, translating it through their sensitivity and practice. After studying at the Faculty of Fine Arts at RENNES 2, he obtained his CAPES (secondary school teaching certificate) in Fine Arts in Rennes in 1995. He quickly held his first exhibitions, entered galleries, and gained a European dimension. Yet, he never abandoned his passion which has turned into his profession, one he shares during his spare time creating : teaching. 


Antoine Josse: His Style, His Technique 

The artworks created by Antoine Josse, be they sculptures or paintings, invite us to reflect inwardly and explore our inner worlds, while also serving as mirrors reflecting aspects of our society. The uniqueness of Antoine's work lies in their ability, depending on our mood, to either awaken our childlike wonder with their dreamlike, imaginative qualities, or to appeal to our wisdom and adult philosophy enriched by life's experiences. This is achieved through an alchemy of imagination, a hint of the absurd, sometimes humor, and childlike naivety. It's like a magic potion that our adult eyes interpret as lessons, reflections, and philosophical insights, revealing both our past experiences and our buried yet delightful youthful essence. 
Originally a sculptor, Antoine later turned to painting, a discipline that quickly took precedence. Although he occasionally continues to sculpt according to his inspiration, he now juggles between these two forms of artistic expression, always driven by the same vision and creative intention. 
In his creative process, he begins by sketching his ideas on paper, then takes the time to study these sketches. He primarily uses graphite, some colored pencils, and inks, which he seals with a thick varnish. Whether it's his sculptures or his paintings, Antoine plays with light and shadow, black, gray, or white, to highlight the subject. His color palette is limited, focusing mainly on gray, black, red, blue, and green, each bringing unique touches to his works. 
Antoine values materials highly, which is clear in his art. He likes using plaster-coated wood as his canvas, creating a special texture and background color that enhance the natural and dreamy feel of his paintings. Then, he adds details using graphite for darker tones and acrylic for brighter colors.

Artistic Evolution 

Antoine Josse's art has evolved significantly over time, with a growing emphasis on what he calls "emptiness." In painting, this emptiness acts like a silent force, drawing viewers in and sharpening their focus. For Antoine, it represents a shift towards the subtle beauty of minimalism—a narrative told with fewer and fewer words, yet with a mastery of tone and structure that deepens its impact. This emptiness serves to highlight the elegance, delicacy, and precision of his creations. 

Given this artistic progression, it's no wonder that Antoine's work is gaining widespread acclaim, capturing the interest of art lovers around the world !  

Over the past two decades, he has showcased his art globally, from his hometown of Brittany to his chosen home in Normandy, as well as in renowned international locations like Paris, Switzerland, Chile, and the United States. With each exhibition, his work continues to attract growing admiration and success. 


Antoine Josse & Art Traffik  

We cannot stress it enough: an Artist with a capital "A," as recognized by Art Traffik, is one who evolves, questions oneself with humility, and works hard to reach greater heights in pursuit of their desires and emotions. With that said, we're thrilled to present Antoine's universe to you and we invite you to follow his journey closely.  

And, not only are his original artworks reasonably priced, but he also creates limited edition prints of his artworks, hand-signed and numbered, which are even more accessible... at least for the time being !


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