Jérôme Romain
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47 y.o.
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Jérôme Romain
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If modernity is to be worthy of becoming antiquity, human beauty, inadvertently created by humans, must be extracted.

Jérôme Romain

Introducing Jérôme Romain

Even though he conceals it, Jerome Romain is an unparalleled technician when it comes to painting, at the border of hyperrealism which he masters, which he uses only with certain “touches”. His paintings disturb and impact us in many ways…with his subject matters and his way of treating them…


First, the subject matters…scenes from everyday life, “normal” at first glance, or evenings where our diurnal identity can shift towards a nocturnal identity, or even the insignificant objects of everyday life. Creating ambiguity, and it’s that ambiguity he plays with and depicts in his paintings…same ambiguity he wishes to extract from reality, neither imagined nor composed, for each of his works stem from snapshots he took. No staging, just the reality of the picture, even being somewhat disturbing…

Secondly, the art of dealing with this ambiguity, which we find in his technic as well…the esthetics, also disturbing…each of his artworks border with hyperrealism, without being completely hyperreal, but Jerome always uses it to deal with a certain detail or an area. Blended into the artwork, whether it be a hand, a gaze, clothing or other object, each will acutely resemble a photograph. You may not have noticed it at first, but Jerome Romain also plays with proportions… an unusually large face or object, a hand also abnormally big compared to reality, just the right dosage. Getting your attention, unmindedly, discreetly, just the right dosage, without destabilizing the artwork…


The outcome of these scenes, craziness in some instances or perhaps the after effects of partying, which are translated into painting by Jerome through adjusted frameworks, shades, colors and lighting which give his paintings an instant, mysterious reality. He gives us a spectator’s view, in his artworks and pictures, of what he wishes to show us of contemporary reality and our own ambiguities. He describes his painting style as such : « If modernity is to be worthy of becoming antiquity, we must extract the mysterious beauty, we inadvertently created. »


A new member of the Art Traffik Master selection, his most recent artworks show a constant improvement in his technic, an ever more precise depiction of everyday life…he is on the rise !



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