Luc Andrieux
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58 y.o.
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Luc Andrieux
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Painting the essence of things

Luc Andrieux

Introducing Luc Andrieux

Creating, imagining and inventing have always been a matter of course, whether for drawing, painting, writing or composing. I started drawing at the age of 8, copying characters from a book on pencil drawing. Then came my first comic strip creations at the age of 12, followed by professional illustration and graphic design. Painting has always been in the back of my mind, and my motivation to take the plunge has evolved slowly and surely, fuelled over the years by a growing certainty that I am a painter. The desire to paint, nurtured by the works of ancient, modern and contemporary masters, finally blossomed over 25 years ago, culminating today in an assertive vision of reality.

My work is deeply rooted in the realm of the image, painting having a special significance for me. I consider painting to be the quintessence of art, a path that establishes a direct link with the spiritual essence inherent in nature. For me, painting transcends simple understanding, speaking directly to the viewer's intuition and bypassing rational thought.

In my creations, I strive to reveal profound truths that challenge the spirit. Through the harmonious convergence of color, light and texture in her landscapes, I aim to evoke a sense of liberation and escape, harnessing the desire for an idealized, dreamlike realm.

At the heart of my artistic vision is the desire to evoke a deep attraction to nature, the enigmatic and the mystical. I perceive nature as imbued with symbolic meaning, representing a sacred realm that transcends its materiality and resonates with the deepest aspects of human consciousness.

Through my explorations, ranging from abstract to more concrete representations, I seek to depict the complex relationship between humanity and the natural world, capturing the ephemeral nuances of existence. My paintings embody the duality of human interaction with nature, simultaneously bridging and delineating the divide between the two realms.

My ultimate aim is to incite my audience to contemplation and introspection, freezing moments in time and evoking atmospheres imbued with the hidden essence of the elements. Even in urban landscapes, I strive to convey a sense of natural wonder, transforming mundane settings into sites of transcendence.

Above all, I believe in the transformative power of art, aspiring to enrich viewers' lives by imbuing my paintings with an emotional resonance that elevates their perceptual experience. Through my evocative works, I seek to awaken a deeper appreciation of the beauty and mystery inherent in the world around us.

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Art Traffik's point of view on Luc Andrieux

Luc Andrieux's paintings? Flamboyant! Powerful... His abstraction is charged with emotion and will touch yours. His talent as a colourist amplifies what his works offer us and the range of interpretations you can make of them.