Why wouldn't Art Traffik uphold the "Pink October" movement?
Throughout the history of Art, women, with their beauty, individuality, symbolism, strength, and vulnerability, have consistently been cherished subjects, serving as a rich source of inspiration. Pink October, dedicated to the battle against breast cancer, is unquestionably a cause deeply valued by Art Traffik. Here, you'll discover a collection of artworks where the color pink is prominent, but it extends beyond that, as we celebrate women in a broader context, honoring the profound human beauty they inspire in all of us and in artists alike. SEE THE COLLECTION



Emerald green, almond green, apple green, pistachio green; a wide array of names used to describe the many different shades green has to offer…an ambivalent color which symbolizes luck and hope. Often used by artists, this spring color, to whom orange forsakes its stance season after season, is a beckoning to wanderlust. Feel like losing yourself in the countryside ? Indulge yourself with our collection which is sure to please. SEE THE COLLECTION



Whether fascinating or frightening, by its size, the ocean captivates as much as it may disturb. The depiction of an encounter with the wild, reflections about ecological issues, or a summoning to meditate, this collection of artworks offers a wide spectrum of what the ocean, as seen by the artists, has to offer. To paint or photograph the ocean is to embark in a stylistic exercise: taming the most indomitable of all elements. Navigate through this collection…explore and be carried away by the ocean. SEE THE COLLECTION



Resolutely graphic, these artworks toy with geometry and the intertwining of lines and colors that punctuate their architecture…a composition of elements that will most certainly hypnotize you! Although simple in appearance, you’ll be amazed by how much time you’ll spend observing them. The complexity, intended by the artists, will capture your attention, at first glance. Enthusiast of linear designs? Then you’ll love these artworks, in which others may be concealed. SEE THE COLLECTION



Whether in painting, photography or in sculpture, artistic depictions of the human body have continuously evolved over the years and according to the era’s “canon of beauty”. The artworks that have emerged bear witness to the different perceptions of the body through the ages, and how this intimate, yet universal subject is perceived to this day. This collection will summon you to contemplate, to go into the details of the artworks created by our artists who are committed to representing, sublimating or reinterpreting the human body. SEE THE COLLECTION



Constituting your very own Art collection is like creating your own wine cellar : you must choose fine wines that, over time, will reveal themselves to you. "Young", they remain affordable, but have all the talent and potential to attain a certain level of "maturity" within the Art market. Also, because Art Traffik accompanies and promotes them in order to have them join the ranks of important, international galleries. So of course, just as a good wine merchant would, the Art Traffik team is here to advise you, even if our first and foremost advice is "to buy artworks that move you, based on YOUR emotions.SEE THE COLLECTION



From an inside or outside perspective, either urban or lost in the wild, architectural or just a shack, man-built structures are bearers of tales and emotions. And even though a kind of silence or nostalgia emanate from these artworks, there is eminently a sense of poetry that radiates from this collection. These depictions of our home, in its universal term, call to contemplate, to reflect : what stories will these settings utter ? Let your imagination roam ! SEE THE COLLECTION



The choice of black and white is biased for both artists and art lovers…it has its disciples and ardent supporters, but not just in photography. For artists, it is an exercise in itself, whether it be a search for minimalism or, inversely, an exploration of the many shades between these two opposites. The study of contrasts between negative and positive, or the toying with shadow and light and its various hues. Of course, often used in photography, but also explored in paintings and sculptures : here is a selection of artworks which portray the thematic and technique of black and white. SEE THE COLLECTION



Good things come in small packages and are usually (very) affordable…as are these artworks, small delicacies : sure to make your heart throb when looking to treat yourself to art ! Among others, you’ll find drawings which are usually the weak spot of art collectors. The Art PLEASURE BUY; the indulgence of welcoming a new artwork in the comforts of your home. But beware, it can be addictive ! SEE THE COLLECTION





Either of women or men, figurative or abstract including “bad painting”, the art of portraits consists primarily of lines. Whether they be the lines of an artist’s pencil or a model’s lines/traits. Their communion brings forth these artworks in which Man, his emotions, his soul, and beauty (or ugliness), his humanity, are at the heart of the artist’s approach and style. To contemplate a portrait is like listening to one’s feelings and/or to the tale the imagination will recite. A portrait never leaves anyone indifferent…Which one will move you ? SEE THE COLLECTION



The color red represents many symbols and meanings according to times and cultures. The color of love, of passion and warmth, but also the color of prohibition, warning, of strength, power even. A color also renowned for being stimulating. Which ever the interpretation or the reasons for loving and craving red, this collection is meant for you ! And we hope it will make your…your cheeks turn red ! SEE THE COLLECTION



Like nature, the city is a source of inspiration for artists. Throughout the world, different styles and eras of urbanism and architecture, with their many vertical and horizontal perspectives, are representative of our society…multiple aspects on which artists focus by exploring a city’s aesthetics, which they either sublimate or view with a critical eye. This selection of artworks offers you a unique urban journey through the eyes, interpretation and style of our artists. Enjoy ! SEE THE COLLECTION



Art and Love are two main strands that intertwine to make life more beautiful . So, why not declare your undying love with Art…Give the gift of beauty, of love, of emotions. Here is a selection of artworks that say "I love you” in many original and emotion-filled ways. Happy Valentine’s Day !  SEE THE COLLECTION




Art Traffik is now recognized for the quality of its selection, and above all, its sharp eye in identifying highly talented emerging artists with great potential, helping them to gain international renown and the acknowledgement they deserve, in order to enter the "Master" category.  With Art Traffik's support, some artists will exhibit their artworks for the very first time, while others have begun to be recognized, regionally. In this collection devoted exclusively to them, discover the "wonders" at very accessible (for the time being) prices ! SEE THE COLLECTION

Beauty is universal. And, when an artist is capable of touching art lovers by superseding boundaries and cultures, it means he tends towards beauty and things universal, earning the praise and recognition of the Art market. Among the artists in our selection, here are those with an international exposure ! Of all nationalities, they have been exhibited in galleries outside their own countries, a token of the maturity of their art and their acquired notoriety. Enjoy the discovery and have a pleasant « journey » ! SEE THE COLLECTION

For each and every one of us, Nature is a source of inspiration and contemplation, through which we can well as for the artists it has inspired over the centuries, and the various art movements and styles, including contemporary art. Here’s a selection of artworks that bring nature to your homes, like a calling to evade. Whether abstract or figurative, a painting or a photograph, nature is BEAUTIFUL. SEE THE COLLECTION



Art will do you good, and some will even go as far as to say that Beauty will save the world. So, when art also sets out to nurture us with its colors that embellish life and make it more intense, colors that warm us and bring us joy, it then becomes a source of positive energy and vitamins.Collection dedicated to color enthusiasts ! SEE THE COLLECTION



If you are an art collector and are looking for new artists to add to your collection, this selection is just for you. Artists on the rise, already backed by other collectors and exhibited in international galleries, in museums for some; they all have earned the recognition of the Art market, and we have been accompanying them in their ascent. Now, all you have to do is find the one YOU love ! Enjoy discovering our selection ! And should you need additional information, we will gladly assist. SEE THE COLLECTION



Woman has always been the muse of artists, their source of inspiration; a subject matter whose many dimensions they have explored. A beauty icon that goes beyond mere aesthetics ; Art explores Woman, with her mysterious and enigmatic sides, or just simply her voluptuous curves. Mother, partner, lover, or just Woman…Discover these artworks that sublimate her. SEE THE COLLECTION



These artworks inhabit a room by their size, and offer a immersion into the artist’s universe. They incite you to stop and to contemplate, to escape, or they awaken your senses by their presence and their powerfulness. In either case, they create an ambiance, the mood of your interior by reflecting what touches and resembles you, what you Love, and, therefore…by reflecting who you are. SEE THE COLLECTION



Art is a testimony of our era; with its style, its various artistic trends and technics...And even if art's primary vocation is to touch the hearts of people, to do good, it has also always been a way to channel and express ideas. For this treason, certain artists will go beyond the aesthetics and the raw emotion, in order to pervade a meaning, a message they wish to share with us or make us react to. Either directly or indirectly, to a first or second degree interpretation of the artwork...If you love Art that has MEANING, art that doesn't simply lift your hearts ; if you love committed Art, then you will love this collection ! Enjoy ! SEE THE COLLECTION



Sky blue and the bountiful shades of water…blue, the symbol of evasion, fidelity, wisdom, justice or even purity according to cultures and eras. All the more reasons to love the color blue, with its countless hues, source of inspiration for artists. Thirsting for blue ? Dive into and be fully immersed by this collection devoted entirely to the color blue. Quench your thirst without moderation ! SEE THE COLLECTION



Art transports you, helps you to escape, invites you to travel, to explore. Figurative, abstract, hyper-realistic, whether it is a journey in space, in time, in the imagination, or introspective, these works invite you to escape to a destination, a dimension that will be yours, because it will be that of your own emotions, interpretations, sensitivity, or intimate memories. SEE THE COLLECTION



Art is known to be a great stimulant of the imagination and creativity, but also for your well-being... Art not only has its place at work, at the office, it should be mandatory! For you, for the people you receive, as well as for company managers and employees. Art Traffik offers you this selection of artworks because of their stimulating effect, or the well-being and positive message they provide ! In any case, you can make your workspace more than just "simply decorated" but a source. SEE THE COLLECTION



Sky blue and the bountiful shades of water…blue, the symbol of evasion, fidelity, wisdom, justice or even purity according to cultures and eras. All the more reasons to love the color blue, with its countless hues, source of inspiration for artists. Thirsting for blue ? Dive into and be fully immersed by this collection devoted entirely to the color blue. Quench your thirst without moderation ! SEE THE COLLECTION





















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