Catering to artists’ needs



• Rigorous selection process

• No subscription fees

• Competitive & transparent commission rates

• Tailored service packages crafted specifically for artists

• Fully committed & dedicated team members

Artist space

Since its establishment in 2018, Art Traffik has steadily secured a prominent position among global players in the online art sales industry. Using an unmistakably innovative and distinctive approach, the platform operates through various means, strategies, and communication methods. This strategic approach is aimed at adapting to the dynamic art market landscape, meeting the expectations of both its artists and its customers.

Central to Art Traffik's operations is a team deeply passionate about art, dedicated equally to serving  artists and art lovers alike. Art Traffik is also :

  • An esteemed international online sales platform
  • A permanent exhibition space spanning 250m2 at its headquarters in Anglet, France :
  • Participation in prestigious art fairs and exhibitions (Miami, Paris, Lille, Montpellier, Toulouse & Biarritz)
  • Pioneering initiatives such as our free resale service between art lovers (not artists) and the 1st and only 5-year buyback guarantee at the original purchase price  (learn more)
  • International communication strategies across various media such as Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and via our own newsletters that reflect our values.
  • And, we are the innovators behind Wedigart, the first international art market search engine and its unique calculated price index, per artist, based on actual listed market prices ! (Learn more)
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At Art Traffik, our commitment is clear: to ACT in the best interests of our Artists & Customers, because both parties expect and demand the same. 

We have made it our Ethos :

+ Always more demanding : uncompromising selection, expert advice & unwavering commitment

+ Transparent sales practices : displaying prices that are fair & agreed upon with artists

+ Building stronger connections : proximity, openness, availability

+ More equity: maintaining low commission rates in comparison to art market standards

Because actions speak louder than words !

As a result, our reputation has been built on:

  • The trust and loyalty of our customers : collectors, art enthusiasts, or occasional buyers
  • The relationship we uphold with and for our Artists, whether internationally renowned or emerging

Art Traffik is the future’s next-generation gallery, combining the services and principles of a traditional gallery with the potential internet has to offer ! (we’re not just another marketplace filled with "suppliers & products")

Unleash Your Creativity - No Subscriptions, Just Opportunities.

Our philosophy is grounded in four core beliefs:


  • An artist's true potential shines when they have the freedom to create.
  • A true artist is one who questions and works with sincerity and authenticity.
  • Artists deserve the freedom to concentrate solely on their work, while galleries take care of the rest.
  • Artists need to thrive from their art in order to keep creating in their studios.

Which is why :

  • There are no subscription fees and we only earn from sales.
  • We’ve again slashed our commission rates.
  • We aim to serve artists and their needs.
  • Our selection process is based on talent and merit.
  • Exclusivity is not mandatory, except if an artist opts to collaborate with us exclusively.
We offer two service packages tailored to your specific needs:
(Pending approval of your application by our selection committee)

Art Traffik Certified - Excellence and Support

Becoming part of Art Traffik’s selection of " Certified" artists entails benefiting from the full spectrum of our services, backed by our team’s dedicated efforts in promoting your artworks, akin to a traditional gallery!

  • You’ll be featured on our website as a "Certified” by Art Traffik artist 
  • We manage your online profile and catalog
  • Exhibition of your artworks in our virtual Solo Shows 
  • Exhibition of your artworks in our gallery’s virtual tour 
  • Promotion of your artworks and news updates via various media (social networks, newsletters...)
  • Exhibition of your artworks in our gallery and/or art fairs & exhibitions
  • Personalized artistic support & guidance


We offer three certified categories based on your level of maturity in the art market, each with its corresponding commission rate* :


  • Master Certified (42% commission VAT included): for artists showcased in internationally renowned galleries.
  • Certified (47% commission VAT included): tailored for artists showcased in national galleries.
  • Start (47% commission VAT included): designed for emerging artists entering the art scene.

Artist space

Curated by Art Traffik - Your Individual Space, Your Freedom 

This package is tailored for artists seeking a greater degree of independence while leveraging our esteemed reputation, core values, and a lower commission rate. Transform Art Traffik into your trusted and renowned "online storefront":

  • Showcase your artist page and artworks on our website
  • Harness the prestige of Art Traffik and its communication efforts
  • You control your artist page and artwork catalog
  • Benefit from a profitable commission rate of 35% inclusive of VAT*
  • Showcase your artworks on our app Wedigart and get even more visibility (learn more)

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Included in both packages :

Our clients and artists can vouch for the meticulous care we provide :


  • Upon a sale, artists receive notification within 48 hours at the latest.
  • All prices are mutually agreed upon and adjusted with the artist's consent.
  • We handle the shipping logistics; you need only securely pack your artwork for shipment and apply the shipping label we provide you (except for artworks that are exhibited in our showroom, in which case we handle everything).
  • We manage the certificates of authenticity; you only have to print and sign them.
  • Every aspect is meticulously outlined in a comprehensive & thorough contract as to prevent any unexpected surprises.
  • Our team lives by the motto: being attentive to and satisfying the needs of our customers & artists !



  • Our commission rate and investments differ based on the certified category an artist is in, as the added value we provide varies for beginner artists, internationally renowned artists, and those in our "MarketPlace" package.
  • Our commission rate includes VAT and is calculated on the final selling price, excluding costs of shipping, which are borne by either the client or Art Traffik. 


Artist space

The Art Traffik Perks

Buy-back guarantee at the purchase price
Because Art Traffik’s selection has proven its worth, and we wish to simplify and demystify the purchase of art, Art Traffik offers the first 5-years buy-back guarantee, at the selling price.
Payment in installments free of charge
Treat yourself to an artwork by paying in instalments ? Art Traffik has decided to break all barriers that may hinder your acquisition of the artwork you love. We accept payments in instalments, WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COSTS OR FEES.
Exclusive for companies & liberal professionals
Philanthropy law or better yet, art leasing, we will explain all the possible advantages of purchasing art.
The resale of artworks
Looking to resell an artwork ? Take advantage of our website to find a potential buyer, within our community. No fees or commission.
Advice on buying art
To find out more about an artwork, an artist, benefit from our expertise or “take a tour”, do not hesitate, it would be our pleasure!
Art as a gift / The boxed set
Offer beauty, give the gift of art! A simple purchase, or a group gift, offer the Art Traffik gift box. A gift certificate or a particular artwork, discover our gift ideas.