Exclusive for companies and liberal professionals

If you are a company director (or associate) or a self-employed professional ? You live in France, Belgium or Luxembourg ? 

This is for you…


Be informed that you may :


  • Personally buy an artwork for only 5% of its price value


  • Have your company benefit from tax savings



How ? If you’re interested in one or several artworks :


Phase 1: your company rents the artwork to be exposed on its premises


  • The artwork must be made visible to the public the company receives
  • The rental period must be of at least 13 months
  • The total amount of one year’s monthly instalments must be inferior to 5% of the company’s turnover


Phase 2 : at the end of the rental contract, you may personally purchase the artwork for only 5% of its selling price, upon which you may take it home; it is YOURS

The following supporting documents must be provided for the rental application:


  • company’s last balance-sheet
  • legal proof of the company’s registration
  • the company’s bank account references
  • signatory’s proof of identity


No filing fees – response within 48 hours - artwork delivered within one week following contract signature


To illustrate, here is the simulation of a company subject to the corporate income tax (which is slightly different from self-employed professional who are rather subject to the personal income tax):


  • Artwork price : selling price indicated by Art Traffik
  • Rental period : period during which the artwork is rented and exhibited by the company. This duration is defined, arbitrarily, in accordance with the tax savings desired and your eagerness to personally own the artwork.
  • Tax savings : total tax savings throughout the rental duration
  • Overall cost : sum of all monthly instalments minus the tax savings + payment of 5% of the artwork’s price value

If you have any questions, or wish to conduct a simulation, and care to benefit from our advice on the best financial package, accordingly with the artwork and your company’s status, whether one or several artworks, we will accompany you and we will take care of the rental application, free of charge


Contact us : contact@art-traffik.com


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