Philippe de Watteville
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Age :
64 y.o.
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Philippe de Watteville
Artist’s prices ranging from
1 750 € to 3 500 €
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I attack my painting; I scratch it, I scrape it and a add a buffer…I torment it. It reacts and defends itself. And, it reacts rather well.

Philippe de Watteville

Introducing Philippe de Watteville

Philippe de Watteville,  exclusive of the Art Traffik selection. Artwork(s) for resale.

Excerpt from his biography : (source Gallery Platini)

Philippe de Watteville was born May 18th, 1960 in Neuilly sur Seine, France.

An artist of our time who grew up with Dubuffet, Klee and Miro, Philippe de Watteville shows great talent as a storyteller, with images.

His misleadingly naive universe carries us back to the warmth of our childhood.

The magic of his paintings lies in the light and poetry in which his laughing, childlike characters bathe.

But do not be mistaken, the artist is a perfectionist ; his painting is spontaneous but his rsearch is deliberate and thorough.

Philippe de Watteville has been a huge hit for several years now, seducing collectors and art lovers alike, as well as the wariest of critics.


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