Samuel Dougados
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Samuel Dougados
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Samuel Dougados

Introducing Samuel Dougados

As a young boy, he wanted to be an inventor; later in his teens he began putting his emotions down on paper, mainly through poems, some of which have been published.


His obligations as an adult deterred from his creativity, and it’s only after having been laid off that he finally decided to dedicate his time solely to his passion for art, with the fierce will to do what he truly loved.

He tried several technics, from painting to sculpting, but it was in the wild that he best way expressed his sensitivity, on a large scale!


The magnificent beaches surrounding him and the beaches around the world became the settings for his artworks. With his rake and brush, he beautifies these landscapes with straight and curved lines, always with the same ephemeral delicacy. He profits from the open space and dimensions to create shapes that question us; intertwining geometric shapes, mazes, perspectives or leaves, perfectly integrated in the scenery. 

Since Samuel is also an artist committed to the environment and love for our sacred earth, he will sometimes write messages to stir reflection and action.


Pioneer in France of this technique 12 years ago, he travels regularly to find new settings that he will highlight with the unique help of his rake, nature being, finally, the main work!


Through photography, he brings a different view to his artwork and extracts a new story, hence creating a second artwork, a lasting one.


Through his drawings and pictures, Sam reveals the poetry in the present moment, its transience and its fragility, and the importance in seizing the day by making us conscious contemplators.


Perhaps you will be lucky enough to see him draw on a beach, and be witness to the essence of his work. Photography is another interpretation of that essence, which will continue to awe you after having hung one of his pictures in the comforts of your home.



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