Agnieszka Ryrych
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51 y.o.
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Agnieszka Ryrych
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When I paint, I tell a story. I want to wrap you in the warmth of colors and take you to my world

Agnieszka Ryrych

Introducing Agnieszka Ryrych

I mainly paint in acrylic on canvas, less often I use watercolour on paper.

My painting is greatly influenced by the place where I grew up, steeped in various religions, regional myths and exaggerations. I grew up on the outskirts of a small town, surrounded by a forest, at a time when the media was not dominant. So there was time for conversations, telling stories and developing imagination.

I draw inspiration from the world around me, from my experiences, observations and feelings. I love playing with colors.

I want my work to encourage reflection and not leave you indifferent