Evgenia Saré
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65 y.o.
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Evgenia Saré
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750 € to 4 300 €
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My only motivation for painting is the pleasure I get from it.

Evgenia Saré

Introducing Evgenia Saré

Born in 1959 in Armenia and a graduate of the National Academy of Fine Arts in Yerevan, Evgenia Saré has lived and worked in Paris since 1991.

"My only motivation for painting is the pleasure I get from it.I feel good with my characters, who are gentle, kind, coquettish and above all very human. I'm always working, even when I don't have a pencil or brush in my hand, every look, every movement, every word, every passer-by everything around me fills my painter's piggy bank. I purify the character, strip away the nastiness, the bitterness, the gray veil of everyday worries, and they continue their lives on my paintings in serenity and happiness"

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Art Traffik's point of view on Evgenia Saré

A big favourite! We're delighted to welcome artist Evgenia Saré and her atypical world to our selection. Fairy tale, childlike universe, dreamlike? It's hard to describe her world, her style and the narrative of her works.... What makes her truly unique. Timeless and endearing, her characters have the kindness or impertinence that makes them so humanly beautiful.