Marina DH
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56 y.o.
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Marina DH
Painting, Drawing, Collage
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My artistic approach aims to make direct contact with as many people as possible through universal signage.

Marina DH

Introducing Marina DH

Marina DH works on humorous transgression, through the systematic appropriation of an everyday object: the road sign and its derivatives. The aim is to play with the alphabet of form, color and meaning constituted by the codes of our modern society, in order to create new signs, question our cultural references, play with the banal or hijack an all-too-often tragic current event.

 Marina obtained a Maîtrise d'Arts Plastique in 1990 from the Faculté de Lettres et d'Art d'Aix en Provence on the theme " détournement pour création du signal à l'œuvre ".

In her search for reformed signs, she discovered new graphics, began a collection of rare signs and studied the origins of road signs in France. Her contacts lead her to work for over fifteen years in the road engineering sector. Two books were published on the history of signage in France, in 1994 and 1998.

 Marina has devoted herself entirely to her artistic approach since 2006, has been with the Maison des Artistes since 2009 and has had her studio in Trévoux's "rue{s} des Arts " since 2013. An emerging artist, her work has only been exhibited in galleries since January 2021.

Her medium is sometimes metallic (the panel itself, reinvented), sometimes pictorial (painting, collage and/or writing on canvas), sometimes vector-based (illustration).

 Three series evolved over the course of his research :

 -      The " Hommages à " canvases. These are acrylic paintings on canvas, tributes to artists of the past whose creations are a legacy. The aim is to revisit, through the sign, the great painters and major works of Art History.

 -      " Made in " canvases, permanent souvenirs of journeys made or dreamed of, always under the sign of local signs or symbols.

 -      The " Signs " canvases and the graphic hijacking of real road signs, where we see the appearance of other contemporary signs such as the QR code, the Arobase etc., which today make up the bulk of his production. In this way, the sign comes to navigate the painter's actuality and the world around him, reinventing itself, multiplying, changing meaning, leaving messages and marking world events : it is the disruptive element and main subject of an art " pano'mania ".

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Art Traffik's point of view on Marina DH

Marina DH's paintings are resolutely positive, with a touch of impertinence that we appreciate! These are works of art that feel good, that brighten up our days and will brighten up yours, your home or, why not, your office.