Jean-Pierre Le Maréchal
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68 y.o.
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Jean-Pierre Le Maréchal
Painting, Photography
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Art is what enables human beings to overcome their impulses and make themselves better.

Jean-Pierre Le Maréchal

Introducing Jean-Pierre Le Maréchal

I'm passionate about the arts; Painting, Photography, Architecture, Music and Cinema. Music has been with me since I was 8 and heard Smetana's Moldau on the radio at school, as well as Schiller's "Ode to Joy" (Beethoven's 9th) which our teacher made us sing at 30! In high school, my drawings were displayed in the corridor in front of the art class. At the age of 16, with my first summer salary, I started photography with a Minolta STR-101 and continued until I entered working life. Then my interest grew and in 2010 I bought a digital Sigma DP1M followed in 2018 by a 37 Mpixel Sigma SD Quattro. In 2022, I made a sale to a Toulouse entrepreneur in a 3m28 X 2m88 format for the entrance to a building! This was made possible by the availability of each pixel without interpolation by the Fovéon sensor (the Bayer sensor interpolates). In September 2022, I exhibited a series entitled "au fil de l'eau" at the Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts in Paris, see my website As far as cinema is concerned, it all started when I saw The Graduate by Mike Nichols in 78 during my military service (music by Simon and Garfunkel that I saw in 1986 when they came to Paris in front of 100,000 people.)

Acrylic painting comes from my exhibition at the SNBA in 2022 where several acrylic paintings interested me. In 2023 I began a series of paintings based on geometric abstraction, which seemed an obvious choice. Perhaps this stems from my interest in science, particularly astrophysics :-)

To sum up, my interest in producing fine art translates concretely into photography and acrylic painting with abstraction, which on the other hand is rather old (Kandinsky).

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Art Traffik's point of view on Jean-Pierre Le Maréchal

Jean-Pierre Le Maréchal offers us a photographic universe that takes us all on a journey into our own memories, or the evocation of memories. Memories of places, moments in life, emotions or journeys. Always with a touch of poetry, more or less present, or more or less explicit. Like an invitation to rediscover the essence of what makes life, our life, beautiful.