Pierre-Yves Beltran
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Age :
72 y.o.
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Pierre-Yves Beltran
Painting, Paper art, Drawing, Collage
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At first I always stand on the edge of nowhere, but little by little my painting creates the path...

Pierre-Yves Beltran

Introducing Pierre-Yves Beltran

I was born in Oran (Algeria) and my first paintings" pseudo figurative " bear in them, through their tones and shapes, the mark of this "Place" on the Mediterranean shore...which I left as a child, then returned to as a teenager.... this time was sufficient to enrich this pictorial memory.

After studying architecture at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Montpellier and Paris, I devoted myself to painting with a first exhibition in Paris in 1979 under the title " Ecolines ".

Years of creation and expression with a common denominator, the choice of intense, frank, warm colors in the service of a pictorial Art that I have named " pseudo-figurative " and variations on Abstraction.

Often in my paintings ,the pictorial frontier between figuration and abstraction is so thin as to render such a cleavage null and void.

I live and work in Aix en Provence, I'm a painter from the South and my painting filled with light, contrast, colored opposition ,is also a mental thing, it exposes an idea, it sometimes provokes without aggressing, it questions, it tells a story or it poetizes.

I've often exhibited my paintings in series .it's a way for me to renew my creation and break the monotony of the eye " voyeur " .

Series until " tarissement " of the subject/object.

This explains it : here figures indoors, transfigured Mona Lisa, palm trees according to " an infinite and colorful palm grove ",geometric or unstructured compositions, collaged papers or montages...a whole universe according to the mood of the day and the axis of my thoughts.

To temper the exuberance of color and matter, I sometimes seek transparency and minimalism in my abstract variations :the choice of black as the sole material or color, a simplified motif on recycled paper, a concern for aesthetics and balance...a desire to architect the whole.

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Art Traffik's point of view on Pierre-Yves Beltran

Yes, we could say that Pierre-Yves Beltran is inspired by many things. However, his painting has a singularity that makes it recognisable. The result catches the eye and opens the door to a journey that will be yours...