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“It's not uncommon to find that the most adorned women often carry the heaviest hearts.”


Introducing Ivan GAUTHIER


Meet Ivan Gauthier—an artistic and human encounter. Discover within the man both the sensitivity and fragility mirrored in his artworks, and vice versa.

Ivan Gauthier belongs to a category of artists who not only make a direct impact through their artwork but also extend an invitation to delve into their personal journey. Meeting the artist allows you to grasp his intentions, offering keys to a more profound understanding and appreciation. Despite his young age, Ivan Gauthier displays remarkable maturity in both his artistic expression and emotional depth.

A self-taught artist, Ivan carries in him a powerful emotional background, which is reflected in his demeanor and unique artistic style. Unsurprisingly, the characters he depicts in his paintings embody facets of his own self-portrait…


Artistic Awakening and Cultural Richness 

Of Ukrainian origin, Ivan came to live in France when he was adopted at the age of 3. He grew up in the Lille region, marked by the dichotomy and contrast between the cultural and economic richness of the North and the persistent social and labor challenges. Ivan forged himself in a working-class environment tinged with sadness and poverty, which heightened his artistic sensitivity.

Since childhood, Ivan has felt a compelling need to express himself through drawing, but also through drama and music. "The roots of my artistic impulse lie in the harsh environment of my childhood, marked by psychologically difficult times. I knew I didn’t want to resemble my surroundings." Art became both his refuge and his way of "existing" at an early age.


His artistic evolution was significantly influenced by his parents. His father's enthusiasm for archaeology and natural history, coupled with his mother's expertise as an art object restorer, gave him access to culture and unconditional support in his artistic practice. This allowed him to overcome difficult moments, accept failure as a step toward success, and equipped him with determination to live, to exist, to be... Because his uniqueness exposed him to the rejection of others, especially his peers, whether at school or within the broader working-class environment where he evolved.


His parents played a crucial role in his artistic development. His father, passionate about archaeology and natural history, and his mother, a restorer of art objects, provided him with privileged access to culture and unconditional support in his artistic practice. This allowed him to overcome difficult moments, to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success, and instilled in him the resilience to live, to thrive, to be…especially since his uniqueness was the subject of rejection by others, whether at school or the broader working-class environment in which he grew up in.

Ivan Gauthier in Paris: From Perdition to Revelation 

From a young age, Ivan Gauthier knew that his future, both personally and artistically, awaited him in Paris. His first visit to the city at 16 was marked by determination, and by the age of 19, he had made it his permanent home.

In Paris, he naturally immersed himself in the vibrant cultural scene of exhibitions, museums, and galleries. His admiration for iconic figures like Victor Hugo and Arthur Rimbaud continued to grow as he explored the realms of fashion, creation, and theater. With an insatiable appetite for learning, he forged numerous connections—artistic, professional, and personal. Through these connections, he sold his earlier artworks and established a network that gave him access to an elite circle.

By hosting dinners in his home for art enthusiasts and collectors, he managed to sell nearly everything he produced. Reflecting on his experiences, he says, "There weren’t only pleasant encounters... I also lost my way, was deceived, exhilarated, and suffered, especially in my personal life." As I understood it, it’s obvious that Ivan Gauthier is on an ongoing quest for love and recognition, both as a man and as an artist.

During this period, with the desire to pursue his artistic freedom and authenticity and because of his unwavering determination and the appeal of his artworks, he made a name for himself and entered galleries and private collections…and led him to reach out to us. 


Ivan Gauthier: His Artworks, His Style 

His Artworks

Ivan Gauthier's artistic prowess is a product of what life gave him, finely chiseled by his sensitivity. His art captures the dichotomy between outward appearances and the hidden truths perceived through his eyes. Whether portraying the sorrowful expressions on faces or the vivid brilliance of colors, he reveals a captivating paradox. Ivan's heightened sensitivity enables him to "see" beyond mere appearances, aiming not to replicate emotion but rather to unearth it. "I'm no different than others, even if I've been led to believe otherwise. We all have facades, masking our true identity. Ironically, it's often the most troubled who radiate the most." This philosophy has led him to include a part of himself in all his portraits, such as his eyebrows. For Ivan, art is a means of connecting with others in every sense of the word—a bond, a shared experience with those who contemplate his artworks. "The more people appreciate my work, the more inspired and determined I am to paint." For him, art is a way of seeing and being seen, a way to communicate his nuanced vision of the world.


His Style

Ivan Gauthier's artistic expression seesaws between spontaneous, raw strokes of sketching and a more precise, meticulous figurative painting on canvas. While he occasionally drifts onto the depiction of landscapes and still life, portraiture remains his preferred subject. Regardless of the artwork, subject, or medium, his style is quite distinctive which reflects a certain artistic strength and maturity rarely seen in such a young artist.

In addition to his brushstrokes and his unique faces, his style is distinguishable by his use of vibrant and intense colors. "Perhaps, because I am afraid of the dark... but probably also because I'm colorblind." Nonetheless, Ivan delves into a spectrum of blues, drawing inspiration, notably, from Prussian blue and Kees Van Dongen's “Starry Night”—a painting that triggered his emotions at a very young age. And beyond the colors, the patterns of the clothes reflect his passion for fashion, fabrics, and prints, but always with the intent of creating a contrast between the attire and the one wearing it—starting with eyes that hold a very expressive gaze as if to softly whisper unspoken truths.

Ivan Gauthier & Art Traffik

Ivan Gauthier isn't just an artist; he's a force of creative dynamism we can't ignore. From his exceptional artistic prowess and temperament to his maturity and life journey, he commands our attention. Despite his youth, he boasts an impressive portfolio of 280 works,  the vast majority of which reside within the collections of discerning art enthusiasts. His energy propels his determination, and the reverse holds true. Passionate about art, emotions, and sensitivity, he also exudes a magnetic charm in the "dandy" tradition. A cultured young man with impeccable manners and a rare eloquence for his generation, Ivan is a fascinating figure, much like his captivating paintings. Is he bubbling with creativity? Absolutely, driven by an inner drive to create that dwells within him, as can vouch his recent venture into photography which we’re eager to reveal. Once again, a standout artist joins our lineup—a talent worth keeping a close eye on!

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