Karl Lagasse
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43 y.o.
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Karl Lagasse
Painting, Sculpture, Mixed technique
Artist’s prices ranging from
900 € to 50 000 €
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All my work has hidden biblical messages. Being an artist is a profession of faith.

Karl Lagasse

Introducing Karl Lagasse

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Excerpt from his bio : (source karllagasse)

The acclaimed artist Karl Lagasse came into prominence in 2009 with his “One Dollar” sculptures. In 2009, Artprice named Karl as one of the top 10 sculptors under 30 in the world. In 2012 the New York publication Farameh selected Karl for their book FOR WHICH IT STANDS: Americana in Contemporary Art in which he is represented as one of the fifty best contemporary artists who found inspiration through traditional American icons. During the 2016 Art Paris Art Fair, the President of the French Republic personally congratulated Karl for the success of his 2-meter bronze “One Dollar” sculpture displayed at the Grand Palais.
Karl began his artistic journey with his collages when he was 7 years old. In the same year, he met the French sculptor César Baldaccini who inspired Karl to continue developing his work. He ventured into the Paris metro where tagging and graffiti became his predominant world of creation. However, his collages remained his true passion. It was the artist Yvaral Vasarely that suggested Karl incorporate his collages with his tags, and in 2003 Karl prepared his first exposition in Paris. His first solo show presenting his “Building” sculptures was in 2006 at the Isy Brachot Gallery in Brussels. Two years later, at the Theatre Espace Pierre Cardin, Karl was back in Paris for his first solo show of paintings and sculptures with added elements of videography and photography.

Karl enjoys premiering his new works at expositions worldwide including: 2011 Art Monaco with Gallery Bel Air Fine Art where he presented his creation “Cryptogram One”; 2012 solo show with Gallery Artco France where he presented his “one dollar” sculptures with the chosen the theme "In God We Trus`"; 2016 solo show Gallery Atrium in Marbella (Spain) where the city’s mayor inaugurated the exposition and spoke to the international press regarding the work of Karl Lagasse.


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