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21 y.o.
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The body is the heart of the thought, in this way it translates the emotions of the one who lives them.


Introducing Kuwiraa


Many artists find that their artistic journey is a personal exploration. Art becomes their way of expressing and unveiling hidden emotions. Kuwiraa, a French photographer using the pseudonym that translates to "emotion" in Zulu, is one such artist.
"My mother introduced me to photography. I was stifled by a school environment that failed to nurture me. So, I immersed myself in capturing moments—be it a spider, crossed ski poles, the rooftop view, or my dog—compiling a trove of photos on my phone. My time was spent photographing, cropping, and editing images…but I also discarded many. I would observe everything around me: a detail, a play of light, an angle that caught my eye. At that time, I didn't know why. It wasn’t until later that I understood what fascinated me—the vibration, an intangible force that is felt but not seen.”


Kuwiraa's Artistic Journey

From Photo to Photography

It all truly began with his first camera, which became an experimentation tool for Kuwiraa, exploring its many possibilities and taking even more photos. Then, enrolling in Fine Arts, where he learned the techniques and composition. However, Kuwiraa felt disconnected from it all. Nonetheless, he persisted, spurred on by his mother's encouragement to “show” his work, eventually leading him to Art Traffik.

The memory of our first meeting remains vivid, discovering his photos (they were countless!) but focusing mainly on HIS photography. Even though I rejected him three times earlier, I eventually welcomed him to Art Traffik two years later! Initially, his work was very diverse in terms of subjects, styles, compositions, and effects... yet several of his photos moved me and truly caught my eye. Each time we met, I explained as precisely as possible "why" and, most importantly, I encouraged him to persevere, emphasizing the importance of “taking his time”. Kuwiraa took this advice to heart, returning months later with a more refined, intense approach that accentuated his individuality.

Photography as a Revealer

What I didn’t know at the time is that the intervals between our encounters had been marked by both personal and artistic journeys, both complementing each other and being intricately intertwined. Learning this allowed me to grasp the essence of his work, the sincerity behind his creations.

"Through photography, I tried to UNDERSTAND who I was.... To understand my relationship with photography and why my photos affect me so much, creating a profound vibration within. I delved into why I immerse myself in it and explored ways to amplify its resonance with my emotions, as well as its capacity to transcribe them. Moreover, I delved into the intricate dynamics of how my personal life and my emotions, particularly sentimental ones, influences my photos and my approach to photography."


Achieving this intensely vibrant outcome required experimentation, dedicated effort, study, and finding his unique technique. The intentional blur he crafted, and continues to refine, symbolizes the vibrations he experiences and wishes to convey. In a nearly tangible, non-metaphorical sense, this blur embodies the vibrations inherent to his surroundings and within himself, and the harmonious link between the two.

Kuwiraa's Universe : The Unseen Revealed

Kuwiraa doesn't just duplicate; he orchestrates a symphony of sensations for others, resonating with his own emotions as he captures them through his lens. What he exposes isn't just landscapes or staged scenes; it's a genuine depiction of the convergence of vibrations and emotions.

Timing is everything…Kuwiraa escapes urban confines to seize moments when profound emotions take center stage.


The Artist's Technique : Crafting "Emotional Vibration"

This leads me to the distinctive blur that defines Kuwiraa's creations, along with his preference for black and white rather than color photography. "In the realm of emotion and vibration, my aim is not to duplicate the physical reality of objects but to distill the emotion felt in the moment... When I pick up my antique camera and lenses, I capture hundreds of shots and I experiment with plastic coverings to achieve this blur effect. Upon returning home, I quickly sift through the multitude of photos, handpicking only a select few. These chosen ones evoke emotions within me, whereupon I rediscover the feelings that were once mine. Then comes the most intense phase which monopolizes my attention for hours: the editing process, during which I strive to amplify and finesse this blur, recapturing the essence of that emotion."

Kuwiraa's Focus : Nature and Its Vibrational Essence

His canvas? Nature. "Through the lens, I seek sanctuary there, realizing only nature brings tranquility. It's in the wilderness that true harmony reveals itself, surpassing mere inspiration." The urban sprawl overwhelms him with its rigid structures, clamor, and geometric order. "Even city trees are meticulously aligned, spaced just right. I miss the vibrations nature stirs in me, touching every fiber of my being. In the city, my headphones and music become a shield; without them, I feel under siege. Humanity's narrative is one of conquest, destruction, conquest, destruction... and the urban landscape illustrates that."

I press on what appears to be a contradiction: "Humans appear in your photos..." He clarifies, "Indeed, their movement or mere presence encapsulates the vibration I strive to convey, crystallizing and amplifying it, though they play a supporting role."




Kuwiraa and Art Traffik:

Kuwiraa's creations are infused with a touch of melancholy that he fully embraces.
"I made the choice to acknowledge and embrace this melancholy within me, along with the contemplative act. I cherish this melancholy for its inherent beauty and authenticity..." 
What lies ahead? The outcome of both his personal and artistic exploration...
Kuwiraa, both the man and the artist, craves travels, encounters, new emotions, new vibrations... and aims to further delve into experiencing these elements more profoundly and presenting them to us with sincerity.


Kuwiraa is one to be followed closely if you too are captivated by the enchanting dance of human sensitivity, its genuine essence, and the subtle symphony connecting us to nature and the cosmos—the metaphysical vibrations that echo through every living thing, a realm often overlooked, unnoticed even !


Can you feel the echoing?



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