Private sale : -30% OFF ⛔ PRIVATE SALE ENDED ⛔

OUR PRIVATE SALE 30%* off all artworks, and there's no purchase limit ! ⛔ PRIVATE SALE ENDED ⛔


Purchasing a work of art is not only about creating a bond between the artwork and yourself, it's also a matter of budget. At Art Traffik, we take great pleasure in fostering these bonds and going to great lengths to make them possible.

We also take great strides in providing full satisfaction, particularly to our valued customers. But, our commitment also extends to our broader community of art enthusiasts, who have created an account at www.art-traffik.com.

 For this reason, we are proud to announce the inauguration of our 1st private sale (others will be held regularly), reserved exclusively for Art Traffik members.

How to partake in this sale ? It's quite simple!


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*Offer non-cumulative, valid on all artworks priced from 500 euros (excluding delivery fees) and for all orders placed online, from 7pm Thursday, November 2nd to midnight Tuesday, November 7th 2023 (GMT). This discount does not apply for artworks on resale. This offer is reserved exclusively for clients who meet the following conditions: have an Art Traffik account, are signed up to the newsletter, and have specified their "status" (art enthusiast, occasional buyer, or seasoned collector).



Article published by Julien ARBELAITZ