To the Aquitaine Region and Bayonne’s Chamber of Commerce & Industry (ICC) : THANK YOU !




When you’re a start-up, with many projects, looking to innovate during its growth and investment phases, support and reinforcement are valuable and particularly appreciated. It’s also the first form of recognition in regards to a company’s approach and its projects per se.


Which is why the Art Traffik Team wishes to express its gratitude towards the Aquitaine Region’s President, Mr Rousset and his staff, and to the ICC’s President and Executive Director, Mr Garetta and Mr Lavieille, and their staff.

Why the Aquitaine Region ? Because for the last two years, Art Traffik has been successively submitting its projects and innovations to the Region, contributing to their funding by awarding subsidies to Art Traffik.

And, when Art Traffik ventured into the development of an app that would revolutionize the Art market at international scale (that’s right !… to be released in July), the Region decided to support Art Traffik by allocating 25% of the funds needed for the project…A HUGE THANK YOU !


Why Bayonne’s ICC ? Ever since Art Traffik’s second round of funding and the inauguration of its headquarters in the Basque Country, the ICC has not only looked kindly upon our evolution but has stood by our side, accompanying us throughout procedures and contemplations, offering Art Traffik guidance with a certain proximity that deserves to be highlighted…and commended.

As a player in the Art market, you can be sure that when we opted to establish our HQ in the Provinces instead of Paris many people thought we were mad. “What ? In the Provinces ? Don’t be silly ! The Art market is in Paris along with the melting pot of innovation !”. Well, we begged to differ. We wanted to be embedded in the region’s local fabric and its dynamics, to create jobs and collaborate with local partners…and it is obvious that we made the wise choice.


This was well worth writing about in an article that we will gladly share, but that is without any sycophancy whatsoever…just a heartfelt thank you for all this support which is so precious to us.


This encourages us to perform better, and to achieve and surpass our objectives, as to solidify the trust these two institutions have in Art Traffik.


See you in July for the new project launch ! 😉


Laurent Jeanniard

Article published by LJ Art Traffik