Nameless beach




ART TRAFFIK invites you to discover the Skin-to-Skin concept, text / visual dialogue between Anil-Frank DESAI and Pierre JALBY, through the text UNE PLAGE SANS NOM, face to face with the new handwritten artwork n° 20 10 23 0017.

An other opportunity offered to taste the depth of the visual, poetic and literary journey of Skin-to-Skin.

Nameless beach


One day, we shall be kings. I swore it, as a child, and everyone applauded me. Great and glorious, in the light of time, we shall meet again as we promised ourselves. Warriors ennobled by mysterious winds, on a conquered beach, colored by our victorious troops, we shall crown ourselves and set sail towards our royal dreams.


Nights will pass. We will have to grow, to build, to fight and conquer, and our paths will go away, but never shall we forget that, one day, from our children's play, was born our passion. When the day comes, we will rally and hoist, heroically, the sails of the great departure, so proud of the promise kept.


But this day does not rise, as during my nights, I betray us. Far from conquering laughter, I am stranded, lonely, homeless and unarmed, on a nameless beach. Neither king, nor warrior, without honor nor glory, I implore forgiveness, disfigured, eaten away by  the vile betrayal.



CF 20 10 23_0017

200 cm x 150 cm 



Article published by LJ Art Traffik